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Monday, August 25, 2014

Stila Skincare | Undercover Conditioning Toner & Moisture Prep and Glowing Reviews Gentle Skin Renewing Scrub

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Did you know Stila did skincare? I didn't. At least I don't think I did... If I did it was a tidbit that I happened to forget. That said, I was pleasantly surprised to receive Stila Undercover Conditioning Toner & Moisture Prep and Glowing Reviews Gentle Skin Renewing Scrub. Read on for more info!

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Toner is something that can be pretty hard to review, as it's something that doesn't always feel like it's making much of a difference on skin, but Stila Undercover Conditioning Toner & Moisture Prep is different. For starters, it's a thicker toner, with a syrupy texture (but without any stickiness) that feels more like a serum when applied to skin. It works to nourish skin with conditioners to do more than just tone skin. It hydrates skin while also performing a whole host of anti-aging wonders like improving skin cell turnover, restoring elasticity, and provides antioxidant protection thanks to ingredients like Hyaluronic and Lacitc Acid, Vitamins A, C & E, and Panthenol Formulated without alcohol, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, sulfates, parabens, or phthalates it's also safe for sensitive skin.

I found this toner to be immediately hydrating, as it sinks into skin leaving it feeling softer, and feeling ultimately clean. I quite like to use this after I've used a mask, as it feels really nourishing, and soothing on skin. Unlike most toners, which don't really feel like they've done anything, this does seem to leave skin brighter and as mentioned, smooth and hydrated. 

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You might know I love a good scrub, and the Glowing Reviews Gentle Skin Renewal Scrub is totally loveable. It's a really gentle feeling scrub, but it's formulated to be a enzymatic, chemical and mechanical scrub as it includes fruit enzymes, micro-exfoliant beads and fruit acids. As mentioned, you don't get a lot of that scrubby feel, especially since the scrub lathers as you use it, but when you rinse it away, skin is nicely exfoliated. Skin feels smoother, and looks brighter, but not tight or stripped feeling. Most scrubs leave skin feeling smoother, but this also makes skin feel better in general. Like it's taken away all of the dead stuff you don't want and added nutrients and good stuff you do want... If that makes any sense.

Overall, I quite like both of these products, but of the two, the Conditioning Toner is my favourite- I'm so going to need to replace this bottle before I run out! And I never thought I'd feel that strongly about a toner. Tried either of these, or any other Stila skincare products? Thougths?

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