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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Avon Stardust Nail Enamel

avon stardust nail enamel (1)

Nail trends come and go, but one that seems to be sticking is the textured trend. I happen to be pretty fond of it, especially the glittery, sugary textures. Avon has recently jumped on the texture train with their Stardust Nail Enamel, and while I was a bit apprehensive that these would be an overly textured, bumpy mess, they're actually pretty amazing! Read on!

avon stardust nail enamel (2)
Avon Stardust Nail Enamel- Crystal Pink*, Jewel Blue*, and Black Sequins* 12ml $6.99

'Crystallize your nails. Gorgeous color contains various sizes of glitter for a unique 3-D effect and sparkling textured finish that makes your nails stand out in brilliance.' - Avon

avon stardust nail enamel- crystalized pink(5)
Avon Stardust Nail Enamel- Crystal Pink*

Crystal Pink is a rosey-taupe shade with silver glitter in various sizes that is quite pretty, and not nearly as pink as you'd expect based on the name. All of these polishes applied super easily, with no clumping issues or bald patches. Two coats.

avon stardust nail enamel- jewel blue (3)
avon stardust nail enamel- jewel blue (4)
Avon Stardust Nail Enamel- Jewel Blue*

Jewel Blue is a stunning aqua-blue with the same variety of silver glitter as Crystal Pink. I found that the larger glitter was more apparent in Jewel Blue than in Crystal Pink and as such was more apt to catch the light and really shimmer. Love this shade! Two coats.

avon stardust nail enamel- black sequins (2)
avon stardust nail enamel- black sequins (1)
Avon Stardust Nail Enamel- Black Sequins*

Black Sequins is has a black base with silver glitter in varied sizes. This shade doesn't have the largest glitter size in it, but the glitter is still very apparent. While the glitter is silver, it does change depending on the lighting and can shift to a golden shade. It's very glittery on the nail and almost looks like a starry sky. Two coats.

Overall, I love these! The texture isn't too rough feeling and the sparkle is quite intense, and you can't help but love the quick drying time. The Stardust range also includes a cherry red- Cherry Dazzler, and a purpley-silver- Silver Dazzler. What do you think of textures? Like these?

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