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Sunday, September 7, 2014

MAC X Marge The Simpsons Collection | Sideshow You Blush

mac simpsons 006

As is often the case, MAC sets bloggers up to fail when it comes to their limited edition collections. By the time we get our items, it's almost pointless to post about them because they're already out of stock. But, you know what? I'm going to blog this anyway because it is still available on the Canadian site. My one purchase from the MAC X Marge purchase arrived Thursday, but it wasn't until today that I got the chance to open it- it's been one of those weeks. Anyway, read on for a look at Sideshow You Blush!

mac simpsons 002
mac simpsons 010
mac simpsons 014

I have to admit that I've loved The Simpsons for quite a while, so I was excited to see what kind of MAC treatment they would get.... Humm, yeah. It's not just that the collection was small, but it was the lack of lipsticks, you know? MAC is pretty well known for their lipsticks, and I think other Simpsons fans would have loved having a themed lipstick in their collection. It also would have been nice had they used more female names- what does Sideshow Bob have to do with blush? I can't help but think Lisa Lionheart would have been a pretty perfect name for something.

Anyway, enough complaining. Sideshow You blush is a gorgeous peachy-coral with a satin finish. The shade isn't super unique, but it's one of those 'it's too pretty not to' type shades that is perfect for everyday use. Plus, it's got a sultry Marge Simpson imprinted into it. How can you not?!

bouvier ladies pinch

Overall, a great shade although blush fans- or users in general- likely already a have a similar shade (or two) so it's really going to be down to the collector factor. Are you a Simpsons fan? Did you pick anything up from this collection?

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