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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rimmel Glam'Eyes HD 5 Colour Eye Shadows

Rimmel Glam'Eyes HD 5 Colour Eye shadow (1)

Today has been a day of never ending emails. I seriously sat down two hours ago to get to this post, but thought I'd just pop into my email for a second, see what was going on, you know? And before I realized it two hours gone. Anyway, perhaps it's time to get to what you're actually here for the Rimmel. Rimmel has recently released a new range of eyeshadow palettes in the form of Glam'Eyes HD 5 Colour Eye Shadows. Read on for a look!

Rimmel Glam'Eyes HD 5 Colour Eye shadow (3)

These compact palettes are home to five shades and a foam tipped applicator. The packaging is pretty average, all plastic, with a clear lid that makes it easy to see what you're working with, but no mirror. Unlike the previous Union Jack themed Glam'Eyes palettes, the individual shadows are all of a decent size, so you can easily use a brush with these.

As for the shadows themselves, you get a variety of finishes amongst the various palettes, which also lead to a variety of quality and pigmentation. While most shadows fared really well, some of the more glittery shades felt quite dry and lacked in the pigmentation department.

Rimmel Glam'Eyes HD 5 Colour Eye shadow- brick lane and burgundy palace

Rimmel Glam' Eyes HD 5 Colour Eye Shadow- 027 Brick Lane  (2)

Brick Lane is the more neutral palette of the range- because who doesn't love a little bit of neutrals? The shadows range from chocolate brown to warm browns and coppers and beige. The overall pigmentation was great with this palette, but the copper shade (the third shadow swatched) was especially buttery and intensely pigmented.

Rimmel Glam' Eyes HD 5 Colour Eye Shadow- 028 Burgundy Palace  (3)

Burgundy Palace follows the neutral theme, but as the name suggests features more red and plum tones. This palette lacked most in pigmentation, as many of the shades were more on the sheer side and had a drier texture. However, the rust shade (second shade swatched) was the exception as it has a softer texture and was quite pigmented.

Rimmel Glam'Eyes HD 5 Colour Eye shadow- royal rose and purple crown

Rimmel Glam' Eyes HD 5 Colour Eye Shadow- 029 Royal Rose  (2)

Royal Rose is a combo of shades that all have a rosy undertone. While these shades don't have intense pigmentation, the bulk of them apply on the eye quite nicely. The exception here are the two lightest shades as they're very shimmery and frosty and do apply quite sheer. While the main shades in this palette have been my favourite, I could defiantly do without the icy white and pink.

Rimmel Glam' Eyes HD 5 Colour Eye Shadow- 030 Purple Crown  (1)

Purple Crown is a the smokiest option, with a combo of purples, taupe, silver and black. If pigmentation is what you're after, than this is the option for you as all but one shade performs well. The less pigmented shade is the shimmery silver shade, which has a drier texture. The exceptional shade is the matte black shade, which is incredibly smooth, offers deep pigmentation in one pass, and wears really well as a liner shade.

Overall, these are pretty good little palettes. As mentioned the shadow quality does differ a bit from shade to shade, but overall, these perform well. Of the palettes I've tried, Brick Lane and Purple Crown are the best overall, but the shades in Burgundy Palace have won my affections. Tried these? Want to? Thoughts?

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