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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Spa Ritual Hand & Body

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While nail polish is obviously close to my heart, how can you deny a little lovin' for your other bits- specifically your hands and body? If you didn't know, Spa Ritual is much more than just polish- they have a pretty extensive range of products. I've been using a few including Look Inside Indian Frankincense Body Lotion, Handprint Hand Serum and Moisture Balm. Read on!

SPARitual Moisture Balm

Who loves a multi-purpose product? I know I do, and the Spa Ritual Moisture Balm is defiantly loveable. It's a balm formulated with fair trade certified ingredients including organic Shea butter, and  cocoa seed butter (along with a whole host of skin loving oils- jojoba, avocado, rosehip, coconut etc.) to deeply hydrate and protect dry skin on hands, feet, lips and body. I usually don't like using balms like these on my lips- more of a 'it just seems odd' thing than anything really- but this works amazingly well on dry lips. Of course, it works quite well on other dry areas too- the balm softens against the warmth of your skin allowing the buttery balm to melt into skin. I quite like to apply this to elbows, heels and feet in general, and cuticles. For such a buttery feeling balm it absorbs quite quickly and doesn't leave an oily feel on skin.

While this balm is vegan, and free from synthetic dyes, parabens, petrochemicals and fragrances, it does have a fresh and citrusy scent from the orange and lemon oil.

Serums have become some of my favourite products in my skincare routine for my fave, but before Spa Ritual Handprint Hand Serum, I'd never used on for my hands. The idea does make total sense thought, as the hands are one of the fist places to show signs of age. This serum is formulated with Swiss apple stem cells and ginger root extract to soften and smooth skin's texture while building collagen, promote elasticity and treat discolouration. The texture is that of a milky, gel-cream with a light feel that absorbs easily into the backs of hands. While it is to be used with under a hand cream, this instantly makes hands feel softer and smoother.

SPARitual Look Inside Body Lotion Indian Frankincense

Not wanting to leave the body as a whole out of the fun, we end with Spa Ritual Look Inside Indian Frankincense Body Lotion. Spa Ritual offers a range of products in four different families, which they call 'States of Slow Beauty' being Close Your Eyes, Look Inside, Instinctual Self, and Infinitely Loving. Each state incorporates a colour palette of polishes and a specific scent.

Look Inside has an Indian Frankincense scent, that I initially wondered about, but is so amazing! I'll admit I didn't have the first clue as to what Frankincense smelled like, but this scent is warm and slightly spicy and earthy and... kind of hard to describe actually, but it's amazing and is very 'Fall' overall. It gives the body lotion a really spa like quality, as it's pretty hard not to mellow out and just enjoy the scent while moisturizing all your bits. The lotion has a light texture that sinks into skin quickly and completely leaving skin nicely hydrated thanks to the aloe vera, olive, sesame, and soyabean oils it's formulated with. Avacado and Shea butter also join the party to further protect skin and help retain moisture. The Look Inside range also includes a scrub masque, bath salts and a soy candle (which I'm totally going to need!)

Overall, I am very impressed with these products! I'll admit I wasn't that familiar with anything other than the Spa Ritual nail polish, but the skincare items are fabulous. These are a great option for anyone seeking vegan products made from natural, organic ingredients. Tired any of these products? Have a favourite Spa Ritual product? Do share!

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