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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows | Emerald and Black

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Survey- Who loves new eyeshadow? Stupid question really, who doesn't like new eyeshadow, especially when the shadow in question happens to be an all new highly-blendable, gel-powder eye shadow from Make Up For Ever? I happen to have two shades, chosen especially for me, from the new range of Artist Shadow. Read on for a peek of Emerald and Black.

make up for ever artist shadow - emerald and black  (4)
make up for ever artist shadow - emerald and black  (1)
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make up for ever artist shadow - emerald and black  (3)

'Effortlessly create endless eye looks that range from beautifully natural to highly artistic with this unique eye shadow palette. With its breakthrough, gel-powder formula blended with ultrafine pigments, Artist Shadow leaves a smooth, even result that gives lids super-saturated, lasting color. An easily-blendable formula that features diamond, iridescent, matte, metallic, and satin finishes, it is an accessible shadow for the professional makeup artist and the everyday woman.' - MUFE

It seems like Make Up For Ever can do no wrong, and the Artist Shadows are no exception- yup, they're that good. The range includes a massive selection of shades- 210 to be exact- and five finishes, so there is literally something for everyone, as it also happens to be the most extensive range of colours available on the market. When I got the opportunity to review, I was told to provide my eye colour (dark brown/black) and two colour families I was interested in- the shades are numbered according where the colour fits into the colour wheel. The naming system uses the type of finish and the number of the shade, so something that starts with ME is a mettalic, while S is satin, and so on.

I was tempted to go with a neutral and maybe a pink- btw, the pink and red shades double as blush!- but decided to live a little and try a green or purple. The experts at MUFE chose the shades ME 304 Emerald (metallic) and M100 Black (matte). Not what I would have chosen for myself, but I am so glad I was pushed into new territory. Emerald is just that, and medium emerald green with a metallic finish. I love that the finish has a metallic sheen with a reflective quality, but isn't your typical type of shimmery. The formula is intensely pigmented in one swipe and so creamy-smooth! The shade is bold and intense, but as it blends so easily, you can get a softer wash of colour should that be what you're after. Black is again, just that, a deep, matte black. Pigmentation is spot on, and the texture is quite smooth. This shade kicks up a little bit of powder when you dip your brush in, but even when really blending and layering it I didn't find it to have any fallout whatsoever.

Overall, you really can't go wrong with these shadows. They are a little pricey for one shade, but they're much larger than your average (almost twice the size of MAC) and are going to last forever and you do save a bit if you opt for a duo or trio. Have you tried these? Tempted to?

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