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Monday, October 27, 2014

Yves Rocher Holiday 2014 | Pear Caramel

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'Hey Lolita, Hey, Hey Lolita..' Since Elsa Mars' stirring rendition of Gods and Monsters on the last episode of American Horror Story, I've been stuck in a Lana phase. I might just be starting to annoy myself. Something that has been making oh-so-happy though, are the new scents Yves Rocher has rolled out for the holidays! Every year they bring out a selection of products in new scents, and they never disappoint. One of the scents new for this holiday season is the super edible Pear Carmel. Yup. Sounds good right? Read on for a peek of the Yves Rocher Pear Caramel line up!

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Yves Rocher Pear Caramel Shower Cream* 400ml $8 USD / $9 CAD and Body Lotion* 400ml $10 USD /$12 CAD

yves rocher holiday 2014- pear caramel  (2)
Yves Rocher Pear Caramel Eau de Toilette* 20ml $6 USD / $7 CAD and Fizzy Bath Cube* $2 USD/CAD

yves rocher holiday 2014- pear caramel  (3)
Yves Rocher Pear Caramel Candle* 70g (approx. 20 hours burn time) $9 USD/CAD

Okay, how good does Pear Caramel sound? Yves Rocher has created a pretty amazing scent with this range as the scent is mostly pear- the realistic, crisp, juicy and ripe pear scent- with a sweet caramel note that follows. I love that scent isn't sickly sweet (or headache inducing) and has a fresh such a real fruit scent. The scent is pretty consistent throughout all of the products, but I do find you get the sweetest form of the scent from the candle.

As you can see, the range includes a shower cream and body lotion, both are nicely hydrating and leave skin lightly scented. Of course, to make the scent longer lasting, a spritz of the eau de toilette is a must. It brigns the fresh pear scent with a warm, sweet, caramel dry down that lasts for hours on skin. Of course, the candle and fizzy bath cube make for thoughtful gifts and stocking stuffers and are the perfect way to enjoy the scent that much longer.

Overall, you can't go wrong with any of these Pear Caramel goodies. What do you think? Would you be a fan of this scent?

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