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Monday, December 1, 2014

Bellashoot- The Beauty App

Apps, we all use them and there is constantly something new and amazing to make life that little bit easier. The brains that brought you Bellashoot now have an app! What's Bellashoot, you say? Simply put it's a site that's kind of like Pinterest, in the sense that it allows you to share and images and links, but Bellashoot is all beauty. From nails, hair, skincare to makeup tutorials you can find in on Bellashoot. The app allows you to take everything you love about the site with you on the go. Read on all the details!


'This positive and encouraging social community is redefining the way women discover and learn about all things beauty. We're building a candid and authentic platform for women to uncover and explore new products by getting feedback based on real people and sharing their personal experiences. And this authenticity provides a higher value for those looking for answers to their beauty questions.' Bellashoot’s co-founder, Gee Collins

The Bellashoot app is available now on the app store. Never fear if you happen to an Android user, as an Android version is in the works and will be released soon. Do you currently use Bellashoot? Would you used the app? Find me on Bellashoot here!

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