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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

EDT Loving | Fragrances for Him & Her

edt loving fragrance for him & her

Fragrance! I was tempted to say who doesn't love a new scent in their lives, but that's not true. There are plenty who don't get along well with scents, but I'm not one of those people. I love fragrances/perfumes/scents... whatever you choose to call it, I'm in. While it's not always easy to choose a scent for someone, fragrances do make really great gifts if you know the person you're gifting to. It's also a great time to find a new scent for yourself- or, you know, add to your wish list- as they're are a ton of new ones on the market. Read on for a rundown of a few scents - for him and her, and at every budget - that are worthy of space under the tree.

mk high intensity sport

From Mary Kay's men's range comes MK High Intensity Sport. Clad in a matte black bottle, with industrial metal cap and orange accents, this scent is all man. With top notes of gin berry and icy bergamot, fresh middle notes of cool cardamom, crushed mint leaf and violet pepper, and bottom notes of wild birch bark and amber, the scent is both fresh and bright but with a warmer, sultry dry down.

nautica life

If you have any special men in your life (be it significant other or dad), you're going to want Nautica Life. Simply put, it's an amazing scent. It's got a classic feel overall, but the blend of fresh aquatic and green notes with warm spices and a woody dry down it's the type of scent that is undeniably masculine but not overdone. Plus, the bottle and packaging are gorgeous- the simple blue bottle with nautical rope is simple, but stylishly refined.

playboy #generation for her (2)

For the guy who's all about impressing the ladies, there's Playboy #generation for Him. The scent was created for just that, but I'm thinking it might have done it a little bit too well. With notes of pineapple and bergamot spiced with cinnamon, an heart of tonka bean syrup, lavender and cashmeran, and base of leather accord, vanilla and cedar it throws a lot of sweetness. The scent reminds me of the sweet and spicy See by Chloe, which is one of my favourite scents, making this a scent that can totally be borrowed by the girls without it being obvious you stole your bf's cologne.

From unisex leaning, to full on feminine, is Playboy #generation for Her. I didn't expect to be wowed by either of these fragrances, and honestly, would think twice before I told someone I was wearing a Playboy scent, but I really like this one! With sweet notes of cherries, pink pepper and mandarin,  a floral-fruity heart with with notes of jasmine, violets and raspberry, and soft  base that closes with musk, cedar and sandalwood, the scent is sweet and pretty. The initial cherry and raspberry sweetness is toned down by the jasmine and violet which is then warmed by the musk and woody notes. As the scent wears it actually reminds me of Lancome Tresor, one of the first scents I ever stole borrowed from my mom. 

so... sinful
So...? Sinful Eau de Toilette* 30ml $8 | So...? Sinful Body Fragrance* 75ml $5

Perfectly priced for a younger crowd, the So...? family of fragrances offers a huge selection of scents that make for great stocking stuffers. For such inexpensive scents, these are actually very well made. The Body Fragrance does have an alcohol kick when first sprayed, but it dissipates quite quickly leaving decent scent. So...? Sinful is an interesting blend of mint and pineapple top notes followed by heart notes of violet and strawberry, with a creamy base of vanilla, praline and musk. It doesn't sound like it should work on paper, but everything combines really well. For $8 I'm impressed.

For the lady who is all about a pretty bottle- and bows!- is Avon Luck for Her. I don't find I love many of Avon's scents for myself as they tend to lean quite floral, but Luck is such a winner. With Bergamot, red berries and mandarin combined with queen of the night flowers and white flowers, and a base of velvety sandalwood the overall scent is actually quite gourmand. The berries and citrus notes give it a fresh sweetness that mingles with the creamy vanilla for a lovely scent. I only wish it wore a little longer on the skin as once it fully dries down I find it doesn't last more than 3-4 hours on my skin.

While many of the previous offerings have had their fair share of sweetness, Halle Berry Wild Essence (also her seventh)is a more refined, clean, fresh scent. With top notes including Sicilian Bergamot, black currant and mandarin, a heart of blooming freesia and linden, cotton flower and white roses, and a base of Silky musk, white patchouli, crystal amber and sandalwood, the scent comes together to be light and fresh. With all of the florals going on, I expected to be just that- more floral, but the scent as a hint of a powdery musk that grounds the scent. This would be a great scent for someone who doesn't want a lot of fragrance or works in close proximity to others but still wants a little something. 

Rounding out the selection, is another beautifully bottled scent. Guess Dare will appeal to all of the rose gold fans, as the pale pink bottle is accented with a rose gold Guess nameplate necklace and cap. The scent opens with kumquat, lemon blossom and pear blossom, middle notes of cactus blossom, wild rose and elegant jasmine and a base coconut accords, blond wood and musk. The scent is softer than I expected, with a light floral-fruitiness that is quite fresh overall. I don't find I get much of the coconut, which is disappointing, but don't mind the scent otherwise.

Overall, some excellent options. I'm quite impressed that so many of the less expensive options wore so well and didn't lean so heavily on alcohol, which can often be a trade off with lower priced scents. Tried any of these scents? Do you like giving or getting scents for the holidays- what's on your list?

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