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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Nicole by OPI | New Shades for 2015

nicole by opi new shades (1)

If you're like me, you like to take a little spin around the nail polish section pretty much every time you pass through... well any store that has one. Come January- or sooner, since most stores do put stuff out ahead of time- there will be another reason to stop at the Nicole by OPI section (not that you needed one...) That reason? Eleven new shades! Read on for a look and see which ones might just be repeats.

nicole by opi new shades- my claim to flame
Nicole by OPI My Claim to Flame*

My Claim to Flame is a vivid, orange-red with a crelly (cream + jelly, yo) finish. While the jelly aspect gives this amazing shine and a slightly squishy look, it also made this a bit more sheer which lead to VNL (visible nail line). The shade packs a punch in the pigment department, but I needed four coats to cover that VNL completely- it wasn't visible in person. 

nicole by opi new shades- who are you calling a shrimp
Nicole by OPI Who Are You Calling a Shrimp?

Who Are You Calling A Shrimp is a peachy-pink, melon cream. I love this shade, but it's not a new on- it's a dupe of Sweet Daisy from the Carrie Underwood Collection (here). The formula has a jelly like squishyness and a ton of shine, but is also on the thin side. Three coats.

nicole by opi new shades- bee in the moment
Nicole by OPI Bee in the Moment*

Bee in the Moment is a sunny, medium, yellow cream. This shade has great pigmentation and build to opaque easily, but did suffer from that typical yellow sneakiness, which took three coats to get even.

nicole by opi new shades- simply sub-lime
Nicole by OPI Simply Sub-Lime*

Simply Sub-Lime is a vivid, medium lime cream. I like that this shade isn't too bright, or too yellow based, which makes it that much easier to wear. Easy formula- two coats.

nicole by opi new shades- get a mauve on
Nicole by OPI Get a Mauve On*

Get a Mauve On is a cool, mauve kissed purple. The shade is a more purple based version of OPI Lucky, Lucky Lavender- which leans more on the pink side. Love LLL, so this shade is a must for me. Great formula- two coats.

nicole by opi new shades- in sync with pink
Nicole by OPI In Sync With Pink*

In Sync With Pink is a vivid bubblegum pink cream. While it's not the most uniuqe shade, it also happens to be a very close dupe of Carnival Cotton Candy from the Carrie Underwood Collection. ISWP is just the slightest bit darker. Easy formula- two coats.

nicole by opi new shades- count to tan
Nicole by OPI Count to Tan*

Count to Tan is an almond cream nude. Love the tone of this nude, as it's more cream-pink in base tone. Another easy shade- two coats.

nicole by opi new shades- that's just plain nuts!
 Nicole by OPI That's Just Plain Nuts!

That's Just Plain Nuts! is a deep milk chocolate brown cream. I don't reach for brown shades very often, but there is something quite classy and sophisticated about this shade once on. Two coats.

nicole by opi new shades- keep your gray job
Nicole by OPI Keep Your Gray Job*

Keep Your Gray Job is a blue based, medium depth, gray cream. LOVE this shade! It happens to have an equally loveable formula as it's almost a one coater. Two coats shown, but one probably would have been fine.

nicole by opi new shades- profoundly purple  (2)
nicole by opi new shades- profoundly purple  (1)
Nicole by OPI Profoundly Purple*

Profoundly Purple is a deep eggplant purple shimmer with a red-brown undertone. I wasn't all that excited about this when I saw it in the bottle, but on the nail the shade really comes alive and has a deep, gorgeous glow thanks to the coppery shimmer.

nicole by opi new shades- heart of gold
Nicole by OPI A Heart of Gold*

A Heart of Gold is a shimmering, gold glitter that dries down to a satiny, matte finish. The shade is a very close dupe of Carrie'd Away from, yup, the Carrie Underwood Collection. Carrie'd Away is just a bit darker. The formula is a bit thin, but does build to opaque in three coats.

Overall, some really great additions to the range. Must haves for me are Keep Your Gray Job, Count to Tan, Profoundly Purple and Who Are You Calling a Shrimp if you missed out on the Carrie Underwood version. The new shades will be available in stores beginning January 2015 for $10.99 each, at select Shoppers Drugmart, Loblaws, London Drug, Jean Coutu, Target, Wlmart, and Rexall locations in Canada. See any shades you need?

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