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Friday, January 23, 2015

Mary Kay Mineral Eye Colour Quads

mary kay mineral eye colour quad (1) copy

What better way to end the week than with a little colour (and eyeshadow!) There wasn't much on the schedule this week- colour that is- but these Mary Kay Mineral Eye Colour Quads are little pans of cute that kind of make up for it. Read on for a look!

mary kay mineral eye colour quad- sandstorm and autumn leaves  (2)
mary kay mineral eye colour quad- sandstorm and autumn leaves  (3)
mary kay mineral eye colour quad- sandstorm and autumn leaves  (1)

I tend to opt for palettes more than single shadows because, well, more is defiantly merrier in the land of shadows. The problem with palettes though? They can be big and collect a few (too many...) and you're going to have storage issues. Mary Kay has solved the palette storage dilemma by giving us single pan size palettes! I know, you're wondering if that can really work, but it does. It just works.

Housed in rectangular pans, the Mineral Eye Colour Quads contain four shades (whoa, four? in a quad? what?!) perfectly matched for an easy eye look. I initially wondered if it would be awkward to pick up colour, as some of the sections look rather small, but it wasn't an issue at all. Mary Kay sells pretty much all of their powder shadows in pan form, so you'll need to have a palette to house these. I've shown them in the Mary Kay Mini Compact, which holds two of their rectangular pans and has room for brushes and applicators under the pans. 

mary kay mineral eye colour quad- sandstorm

mary kay mineral eye colour quad- autumn leaves (1)

Since these are mineral shadows you can use them wet or dry, but you certainly don't need to as these are perfectly pigmented when used dry. The texture differs a bit from shade to shade as some lean more matte, while others are more shimmery/metallic, but all have a creamy, smooth texture that applies and blends very easily. I was really impressed with how well the darker, more matte shades apply and that there was very little fall out all around.

The Sandstorm quad includes fairly warm, neutrals shades, including a very pretty taupey-brown, while the Autmn Leaves quad is an interesting blend of colours that almost looks like they shouldn't work, but they do. Above, I used the golden shade in the inner corner, the dirty red-plum shade on the center of the lid with the deep, blackened-purple through the crease. I added a bit of the green shade on the lower lash-line blended into the outer corner. I love how the shades come together!

Overall, these are great little palettes! The fact they're so compact make them perfect for travel or for those lacking in storage space- but really, who isn't? I love how intensely pigmented these are and that the two palettes work so well together for mixing and matching. Tried them? Thoughts?

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