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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

MEG 21 Skincare | Moisturizing Toner+ & Anti-Oxidant Boost

meg 21

Glycation. A new word to you? It was for me too, when I first learned of MEG 21 skincare. The brand is based upon a discovery made by scientists while researching treatments for diabetes. We'll get to all the science-y details in just a moment, and the specifics of MEG 21 Moisturizing Toner+ and Anti-Oxidant Boost. Read on!

meg 21 face and eye treatment

The MEG 21 family contains a whole range of skincare products from cleanser through to hand cream. What is unique about the products is that they all reverse the effects of glyclation. Here's were we get a little science-y... Glycation occurs when you eat sugars - not just refined sugar, but anything that turns into glucose in your body - and the glucose hits your bloodstream. These sugars latch on to proteins, and through a "binding" mechanism between sugar and protein, cause your skin to ultimately become stiff and brittle. Much of this results from large molecules generated from the glycation process, which are called advanced glycation end products, aka AGEs. The more sugar you eat, the more AGEs you produce. As they multiply, these molecules wreak havoc with proteins, including collagen and elastin, which keep skin firm and elastic. The result is sagging, wrinkled skin, which is totally not the look anyone is going for.

MEG 21 products deliver the compound Supplamine deep into skin to stop the skin aging process cuased by reversing skin aging and wrinkling; stop glycation, inflammation, and oxidative stress; boost collagen production; target toxic sugars in skin; and even tone skin and reduce age spots.

While the main products I've been using are coming up in just a moment, I was also sent a few samples of the MEG 21 Face Treatment and Eye Treatment. Both moisturizers  have a light, yet creamy texture that gives skin instant hydration and wears really nicely through the day under makeup. The Eye Treatment is formulated to hydrate, brighten and firm, but I didn't use it long enough to really see such results. It does feel great on skin though and offers enough moisture for my dry eye area.

meg 21 moisturizing toner (2)
meg 21 moisturizing toner (1)

MEG 21 Moisutrizing Toner+ is just that, a toner formulated to balance, sooth and moisturize skin. Formulated with Supplamine (which is found in all MEG 21 products) anti-oxidants, amino acids, and a whole host of other skin loving ingredinets:
  • sodium hylauronate which helps maintain moisture
  • fruit acids for gentle exfoliation
  •  trinity tea complex to fight free radicals
  • arnica to reduce inflammation
  • calendula to sooth and heal skin
The toner has a slightly thicker texture than your average, but it smooths over skin and leaves it feeling silky smooth, fresh, and clean. I find toner is a tricky product to review, as it's effect is always outwardly recognized, but I really like how this feels on skin. On slight confusion though, is that the brand literature states this product is alcohol free, yet alcohol is listed in the ingredient list (although very close to the end.)

meg 21 antioxidant boost serum (1)
meg 21 antioxidant boost serum (3)
meg 21 antioxidant boost serum (2)

MEG 21 Anti-Oxidant Boost is a serum (I've kind of become of obsessed with serums lately, anyone else?) formulated, again with Supplamine and anti-oxidant extracts of Indian gooseberry and grape seed which provide skin-cell therapy by fighting skin stress caused by glycation, free radicals, and oxidative stress in general (ie. all the bleck stuff in our environments that ages skin.) Along with providing skin with an anti-oxidant boost, it also works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while giving your complexion a more radiant, youthful glow. The serum has a thicker, gel-cream texture that is easily absorbed into skin. Oh, and a major added feature- it's housed in an airless jar, meaning everything good in it stays in it and not evaporated into the air every time you use it. The upper part of the tube twists, revealing the pump. A quick twist in the opposite direction, and down it goes again.

Overall, I've enjoyed using these products. I've been using the toner and serum for almost two months now, and while glycation isn't something that is visible in and of itself, I've seen small changes to my skin overall that I can only assume are from the use of these products. As with many anti-aging products, results aren't always visible, but the preventative factor is there, which is half the battle. Tried these products or anything similar? What anti-gaining skincare products do you love? Thoughts?

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