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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tea Forté Skin-Smart Single Steeps

tea forte skin smart single steeps

Something a little different than the usual makeup menu today, yet still very much beauty related. Tea! I drink a lot of tea and do enjoy my skincare, so when I spotted this Tea Forté Skin-Smart Single Steeps tea sampler I was instantly intrigued. You too? You know what to do...

tea forte skin smart single steeps (5)
tea forte skin smart single steeps (4)
tea forte skin smart single steeps (6)
tea forte skin smart single steeps (1)
tea forte skin smart single steeps (3)

The Tea Forté Skin-Smart Single Steeps is a sampler that gives you a selection of Tea Forté Skin-Smart teas in pre-portioned, single serve packets. Their Skin-Smart range is quite popular- Oprah and Dr.Oz are fans- and is as tasty as it is good for you and your skin. Obviously, hydration is key, so why not make it taste a little more interesting and infuse it with a menagerie of anti-oxidants and good things?

The set includes three pouches of each of the five flavours- Cherry Marzipan (green tea), Cucumber Mint (green tea), Honey Yuzu (green tea), Lychee Coconut (white tea), Swiss Apple (herbal). Each tea is blended to work with body chemistry to help protect and take care of our skin from within. The teas deliver the detoxifying effects of plant-based anti-oxidants which can aid in skin recovery, fight against visible sings of aging and preserve the gorgeous, glowing skin you've already got.

I tend to drink the most black tea- Earl Grey and English Breakfast are staples in my mug- so I did have to get used to not letting these steep as long. Green tea gets incredibly bitter if you over steep, so don't. Once I got the hang of that, I found these blends to be very tasty. Some blends have more of an aromatic element of the flavour- Cherry Marzipan has more cherry scent than actual cherry taste- but are all quite nice if not mild. I didn't expect to enjoy the Cucumber Mint blend, as it just doesn't sound that appealing, but it has a fresh taste that is actually pretty good and would make a great iced tea for warmer months. Out of the bunch, Lychee Coconut is my favourite with it's mild white tea base and light fruity taste. I say there are far too few lychee flavoured things in life. At least in my life...

Overall, I think these teas are a great way to give hydration a little flavour boost while giving your skin a helping had at the same time. I love that you don't have to measure anything, just pop the loose tea in your diffuser and you're all set. The boxed set is cute too, making this a great gift for tea and beauty lovers alike. Tried these? Are you a tea fan?

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