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Monday, March 9, 2015

Arbonne 35th Anniversary Limited Edition Products

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I think my keyboard is dying... I say think, because there is no reasoning behind it's current antics. The 'e' key is giving my major grief as it will randomly decide it doesn't want to work. I'll be typing along, per usual, and then blam, no more 'e's. Do you know how many words have 'e's?! Arbonne happens to be one of those words (smooth segue, right?!) Lucikly my keyboard seems to want to play along, so let's get to business. Arbonne celebrating their 35th Anniversary, and to share the joy have released a few limited edition products for our enjoyment. Read on for a look at Arbonne For the Sun of It Bronzer & Kabui Brush Set and RE9 Advanced Intense Hydration Overnight Mask.

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arbonne-35th-anniversary-for-the-sun-of-it-bronzer-kabuki-brush-set (3)
arbonne-35th-anniversary-for-the-sun-of-it-bronzer-kabuki-brush-set (4)
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Bronzer is a product I tend to be very on and off about it. I'll go for months without using it, and out of no where be all about it. Lately, I've been all about it, so I was more than happy to give Arbonne For the Sun of It Bronzer & Kabuki Brush Set a test drive. The bronzer is fully matte, with a soft and smooth texture that applies and blends very nicely. The shade works nicely as both a contour and in the typical bronzer sense. The shade isn't too orange and has a cool, ashy tone that gives warmth, but will still work on a lot of skintones- even those who land on the lighter side. I quite like that while this does have fair amount of pigment, it's not too densely pigmented, which lets you apply it without the worry of being heavy handed, yet can build it up in areas if needed.

While I love the dense kabuki that comes with this set- it's a perfect size for cheeks and is so incredibly soft- I don't like it for use with the bronzer. For me, the brush is too dense for the bronzer and kicks up a lot of powder. Also, I'm on the lighter side and find it's too easy to over apply with the kabuki. That said, I do like the kabuki for applying and blending powder, and, as this has synthetic bristles, I can't help but think it would apply cream and liquid foundations really nicely as well.

arbonne-35th-anniversary-products-RE9-advanced-intense-hydration-overnight-mask (2)
arbonne-35th-anniversary-products-RE9-advanced-intense-hydration-overnight-mask (1)

Okay, you've got some faux glow going, you can almost pretend it's Spring. Fact is, it's still Winter, and Winter dryness is still lurking in the (frigid) air. Combat dryness with Arbonne RE9 Advanced Intense Hydration Overnight Mask. I love the ease of this mask, as it applies as you would your usual moisturizer but gives an extra boost of moisture while also being soothing and nourishing. The formula has a light feel that absorbs quite easily into skin when applied and leaves no film or residue on the skin. I love how this leaves my skin feeling super soft and smooth the next morning, and that it even seems to be a bit brighter and fresher overall.

As mentioned, the 35th Anniversary products are limited edition, and also includes RE9 Advanced Instant Wrinkle Filler. Products are available as is or as set, should you need them all. I quite like both the bronzer and the overnight mask! Have you tried any Arbonne products? Interested in either of these?

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