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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Essie Top Coat Comparison

essie top coat comparison (2)

Confession: I have a drawer full of top coats. Of course I have my favourites, but how do you know what you love if you haven't played the field at least a little bit? Not a line you want to hear from your significant other, but in this case, so true. I've tried my share, and have a handful of go-tos that I reach for depending on the nail situation (at hand *insert rim-shot*) In my accumulation of top coats, I noticed an Essie trend and thought, why not do a little compare and contrast. Save you the leg work should you be on the fence regarding your Essie options. Let's go!

essie top coat comparison (1)
essie top coat comparison- essie to dry for
Essie To Dry For 15 ml $8.50 USD / $10 CAD

The spark that formed this post, is my very close to empty bottle of Essie To Dry For. I spotted Essie on sale, grabbed a bottle of what I thought was TDF only to get home and find out it wasn't (more on what it was in just a moment.) You see, TDF is my jam. I LOVE it. I must have gone through at lest six (maybe seven) bottles of it. It's a fast drying top coat that does just that, but it never causes shrinkage and doesn't have the oh-so-annoying issue of sometimes cusing polish to just flake off in whole pieces (I'm looking at you Seche Vite.) It does thicken a little bit with use, but nothing nearly as bad as other fast drying top coats I've tried (again, Seche Vite.) The only problem is that it seems To Dry For might have been discontinued... WHY?! I can't find a definitiv answer, but it's no longer on the Essie website and seems to also be out of stock or straight up gone from many online retailers. There is an upside to all of this though...

essie top coat comparison- essie good to go

That upside being Essie Good To Go (GTG). GTG has been around for some time, but having found top coat perfection in TDF, I never bothered t try it. Like TDF, GTG is a fast drying top coat. While I haven't been using it as long as my beloved To dry For, I can say it's pretty similar. Good To Go has a thinner texture, so it's not as great for smoothing out glitter, but otherwise the formula is quite comparable as it dries just as quickly with no adverse side effects to polish. 

essie top coat comparison- essie no chips ahead

In the non-quick drying category (aka the why bother? category) is Essie No Chips Ahead. I really hate waiting for polish to dry, so I don't reach for this one unless I really need to, like for sealing nail wraps or polishes that are known to cause issues with fast dry formulas. This is an okay top coat if you like sitting around waiting for your nails to dry- ALL DAY. Maybe I'm just spoiled by quick dry formulas, but this seems to take for ever to dry. Also, I didn't ind it did anything to prevent chipping, as my nail polish never lasts any longer when I use this. The formula is very thin, which I don't love because it doesn't give that protective top coat 'feel'. As I said, it's fine if you need a basic top coat, but you could get the same effect with a cheaper drugstore option.

Overall, Essie Good To Go is a great everyday, quick dry top coat. It also might just be your new bestie if you were a fan of To Dry For (RIP, my friend.) I was going to mention Essie fan favourite, Matte About You, but really, it just makes non-matte polish matte. Crazy, right? Do you have a favourite Essie product? What's your favourite top coat?

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