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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lush Shampoo Bars | Honey I Washed My Hair & Brazilliant

lush shampoo bars- brazilliant & honey I washed my hair (2)

Solid shampoo is something that simultaneously makes total sense and none whatsoever, to me anyway. On one hand, why not make a concentration of all the good cleansing stuff and do away with the unnecessary water, and in turn packaging. On the other hand, it's black magic- shampoo is liquid and that is that. Lush has recently introduced six new bars to their lineup, which I'm kind of loving. Read on for a closer look at Honey I Washed My Hair and Brailliant.

lush shampoo bars- brazilliant & honey I washed my hair (5)

lush shampoo bars- honey I washed my hair (5)
lush shampoo bars- honey I washed my hair (4)

Honey I Washed My Hair is a delightful smelling shampoo (honey and toffee!) that not only smells incredible in the shower, but also leaves hair softly scented. The bar is formulated with fair-trade honey, which softens and moisturizes hair without weighing it down. I did notice that after using this my hair really did feel softer- can't knock that!

lush shampoo bars- brazilliant (2)
lush shampoo bars- brazilliant (1)

Brazilliant is like a fresh glass of OJ, but for your hair. It combines fresh, organic oranges, andiroba oil, sweet orange oil, and ylang ylang to strengthen and condition hair. The scent is pretty much perfect as it's sunny and bright, but it also leaves hair sweetly scented.

I didn't really know what to expect from these, as I have no experience with shampoo bars, but usig them is as easy as using your standard bar soap. I found these work best if you run them under water then lather them up in your hands. Once lathery, apply it to your hair and get your shampoo on. While these aren't as sudsy as your average shampoo, these do lather up pretty well and are easily distibuted through hair. I found these rinsed quickly and left hair feeling pretty great- clean, but not stripped.I love that one bar will give you about 80 washes while replacing three bottles of shampoo. How amazing is that?

Overall, I quite like these! I do wish they would formulate a SLS free bar though, as anyone who colours their hair knows, you want to keep as much colour in your hair and not see it wash away. Have you ever used solid shampoo? Tried these?

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