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Monday, March 2, 2015

Mary Kay Paradise Calling Collection for Spring 2015


Think warm, sunny thoughts because there happens to be a call for you... Paradise on the line with Mary Kay Paradise Calling Collection just in time for Spring 2015. Get ready for tropical corals, orchids and plenty of  gloss for lips and tips. Read on!

mary-kay-paradise-calling-collection-whipped-eye-colour-seafoam-tiki-hut (1)
mary-kay-paradise-calling-collection-whipped-eye-colour-seafoam-tiki-hut (2)

Let's start with eyes, yeah? The Paradise Calling collection features only one form of eye product, but it's quite an interesting one- Whipped Eye Colour. The Whipped Eye Colours are cream essentially cream shadows, but they have a light, creamy, whipped texture. They're light and moussey feeling (if not a little bit wet) and glide onto lids with ease. The shades- Seafoam, a shimmery, minty, green, and Tiki Hut, a chocolatey bronze with a golden flare- both feel the same, but do differ when it comes to application and wear. I've found that Seafoam is gives more sheer coverage which can apply on the patchy side. It can be layered for more colour, but it also creased very easily on me not long after applying. Tiki Hut, however, applied beautifully, with much more pigment and an even coverage that wears well with no creasing for hours. Primer might help Seafoam, but it's likely best used as a base under powders. Oh, and how perfect is the name Tiki Hut?!


You might still be lathering on the thickest, richest, body creams you can find (I know I am) but come warmer weather you're going to want to lighten up a bit. The Paradise Calling Collection Moisturizing Spray is an excellent lightweight, spray on moisturizer that gives skin a boost of refreshment and hydration. The mist is easily spritzed on and rubs into skin in seconds leaving it lightly hydrated, smooth and not the least bit sticky or tacky. It also has a light tropical coconut water scent that is subtle, but very soothing.

mary-kay-paradise-calling-collection-lacquered-lip-shine (15)




For glossy shine with a punch of colour the Paradise Calling Lacquered Lip Shines are the answer. With two punchy shades- Exotic Orchid and pink based radiant orchid, and Tropical Mandarin, an coraly, red-orange- and Sunbaked a caramel nude (a perennial favourite) there is something for every taste. The formula is just slightly tacky on lips, but still comfortable to wear and gives heaps of shine that lasts very well on lips. The re-worked doe-foot applicator is perfection, as it's curved with a slightly pointed tip and reservoir which all work together to make precise application fast and easy- a plus with the two bold shades.


mary-kay-paradise-calling-collection-nail lacquer-tropical-mandarin

mary-kay-paradise-calling-collection-whipped-eye-colour-seafoam-tiki-hut (3)

mary-kay-paradise-calling-collection-nail lacquer-exotic-orchid

The best for last, as the Paradise Calling Collection Nail Lacquers are simply gorgeous and so shiny! Cream shades aren't always exciting, but the combination of bold shades, a perfect formula, and incredible shine makes for a very happy polish fan. As mentioned, all the shades are creams, with an incredible formula that applies easily in two coats- or one in the case of Lagoon and vivid, green-teal. If you like to match your tips to your lips, Tropical Mandarin is the same coraly, red-orange as the gloss, as is Exotic Orchid, a pink based radiant orchid which happens to be my favorite shade out of the bunch.

Overall, a nice little collection! I really love the polishes but can see myself getting a lot of use out of the Moisturizing Spray Lotion come warmer weather. What do you think of this collection? Anything you'll be adding to your makeup bag?   

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