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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette

too faced chocolate bar eyeshadow palette (5)

Think fast- how many neutral palettes call your makeup collection home? Probably a few... I know I've got a fair few, but there is just something so covet-able about a palette full of gorgeous, super wearable neutrals. What could be better? Neutrals with a twist. Oh, and chocolate! Too Faced has given palette fans just that with their super adorable Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette. Read on!

too faced chocolate bar eyeshadow palette (2)
too faced chocolate bar eyeshadow palette (4)
too faced chocolate bar eyeshadow palette (6)
too faced chocolate bar eyeshadow palette (3)
too faced chocolate bar eyeshadow palette (1)

'This beautiful assortment of chocolate-inspired shades were formulated using real cocoa powder. Encased in a playful chocolate bar tin, the rich selection of the perfect browns, neutrals, and little pops of color appeal to every candy lover.' - Too Faced

From the first glimpse of this palette, you can't help but think chocolate. The metal palette is deep chocolate brown and shaped to look just like a big bar of the wonderful stuff we all know and love. Upon opening it, you not only get a glimpse of the sixteen shadows, but you also get a bit of the natural cocoa scent. I was a bit on the fence about scented shadows, but it's not a strong or artificial scent and is light enough that it shouldn't be bothersome to anyone.  

The palette is fairly standard size, but not too weighty considering the metal case. The closure is magnetic, which closes pretty securely but feels like it could open if dropped or jostled around with other items. You get a generous sized mirror in the lid and an accompanying Glamour Guide with three eye looks to help get you started. I quite lie the booklet as it' really nicely illustrated and gives three options that are just that little bit different than what I would have created.

As for the shdows... they're stupidly amazing. That pretty much sums things up, but if you want more details I could probably go on. The shadows cover a range of finishes with satins, mattes and shimmers, with almost every one of them being a smooth, ultra-pigmented dream. The mattes are glorious smooth and pigmented and apply as easily as the satins. The shadows are on the soft side, and as such do kick up a bit of product, so a light hand is best to avoid fall out and keep the palette clean.

too faced chocolate bar eyeshadow palette swatches row 1

Gilded Ganache is a deep brown with golden shimmer. It reads as having more of an antique golf/green shift in the pan, but tht doesn't translate when used. It'smuch more shimmery and glowy in person.

White Chocolate is a pale, vanilla-cream matte. This is one of the two larger shadows in the palette, and I am very happy with that decision. The shade makes a great base, matte highlight and blending shade that I know I'll use quite frequently.

Milk Chocolate is medium-pale, milk chocolate brown matte.

Black Forest Truffle is a plummy brown with golden shimmer. A stunner!

Triple Fudge is a deep, chocolate brown matte.

too faced chocolate bar eyeshadow palette swatches row 2

Salted Caramel is a warm, peachy, caramel brown.

Marzipan is a stunning rose-gold metallic. Love this shade!

Semi-Sweet is a medium chocolate brown atte.

Strawberry Bon Bon is a pale, baby pink matte. This shade is a little bit less pigmented and needs to be built up. 

Candies Violet is a blue based violet glitter. The formula is a little drier than the other shades and applies best when used with a damp brush.

Amaretto is a plummy coppery-brown metallic. Another one of my favourites.

too faced chocolate bar eyeshadow palette swatches row 3

Hazelnut is a shimmery bronze satin.

Creme Brulee is a golden brown metallic shimmer.

Haute Chocolate is a medium metallic brown.

Cherry Cordial is a red based brown matte with a very fine amount of shimmer. This shade is a touch disappointing, as it reads more cherry in the pan but is much more brown in tone when used. Great formula, just not the shade I expected.

Champagne Truffle is a pale, pink and white gold shimmer. This is the second of the two larger shades i the palette. I didn't expect much from this shade, but it's actually quite something as it's pink, but with a soft white-gold iridescence.

Overall, I am a major fan of this palette! The only complaint I can think of is the fact that the shadow names are not printed on the palette, but are on a clear plastic sheet. It's a small detail, but I know sooner or later I'll get fed up with it and toss it, which means I won't know the shadow names... The woes of a beauty blogger... Anyhow, this is a great selection of shades and the formula is about as great as one could wish for. Do you have this palette? Yay or nay? What's your most used neutral(ish) palette?

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