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Friday, March 27, 2015

Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette

too faced semi-sweet chocolate bar palette (6)

Now entering Palettetown! I love almost everything in palette form- I say almost because I don't really like lip palettes- chuck anything else in one though and I'm one happy blogger. The palette up for discussion is the adorably chocolatey, Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette. Semi-Sweet carries on the chocolate lovin' theme that we saw with the original Chocolate Bar Palette, but this time with deeper, warmer, caramel based shades.

too faced semi-sweet chocolate bar palette (1)
too faced semi-sweet chocolate bar palette (2)
too faced semi-sweet chocolate bar palette (5)
too faced semi-sweet chocolate bar palette (3)
too faced semi-sweet chocolate bar palette (4)

Just like the original, the Semi-Sweet palette comes clad in a metal chocolate bar shaped package in a milk chocolate shade. The two palettes look quite cute together, I must say. The overall packaging is the same but the SemiSweet palette does have the names of the shadows printed on the actual palette- something the original did not have. You get the same natural cocoa scent and large mirror too.  

As mentioned, the Semi-Sweet palette is hoe to shades that are deeper and warmer than the original. For the most part, all of the shades are unique, but there are a couple that do read as being quite similar to shades found in the first palette. Formula wise, Semi-Sweet has the same smooth and pigmented shadows with the same soft texture. There were a few shades that lacked in the formula department, but on them in a moment. It will be interesting to see if Too Faced has plans for any more additions to this range- Bitter-Sweet Chocolate, White Chocolate etc., as it seems the theme really could be an endless source of shades.  

too faced semi-sweet chocolate bar palette swatches top row

Licorice is a deep, dark black matte, but with the most subtle hint of shimmer. This also happens to be richly pigmented and a great black shadow for use as liner.

Coconut Creme is a warm, pale beige This shade is quite similar to White Chocolate from the original palette, but is a touch warmer and darker.Just like White Chocolate, Coconut Cream is a great addition to the palette as it's a great base and highlight shade.

Nougat is a dusty, medium peach shade I love this shade, but the formula is a little stiffer and a bit lss pigmented than other shades. That said, it does layer nicely without being chalky.

Truffles is a medium-deep, dark brown satin that to me is best described as being melted chocolate brown.

Hot fudge is a deep, blackened brown satin with the slightest hint of a purple undertone.

too faced semi-sweet chocolate bar palette swatches middle row

Cocoa Chili is a medium-dark, yellow toned brown matte with a smattering of gold shimmer.

Pink Sugar is a pale pink with pale yellow shimmer This shade is kind of a dud. It's better suited as  glitter topper, as there isn't much of base shade, and the formula is guite dry and stiff. A damp brush works best for application as it helps the glitter adhere to skin. Oh, and fallout is a b....

Puddin' is a slightly dusty, medium-deep chocolate brown with a grey undertone.

Blueberry Swirl is a muted, grey toned, frosted metallic blue. The shade looks more vivid in the pan, but is still quie pretty, especially in combination with brown (go figure...) The shade is a little less pigmented, but does build easily on the eye.

Peanut Butter is a very orange based tan-brown matte.

Frosting is a warm bronzed brown with a soft shimmery/frosted finish. The shade is quite similar Hazelnut from the original palette, but warmer.

too faced semi-sweet chocolate bar palette swatches bottom row

Rum Raisin is a medium-deep taupey brown with a metallic finish. One of my favourites.

Mousse is a warm. medium brown matte that is similar to Milk Chocolate from the original plaette, but a little bit lighter.

Caramel is a vivid, metallic golden copper. This shade is amazing pigmented!

Bon Bon is a truer copper metallic, but with a slight brown undertone.

Butter Pecan is a pale, warm golden champagne with a shimmering/frosted finish. 

Over all, how can you no be a fan of this palette? The warm tones are gorgeous, and completely wearable. You do get less pops of colour with Semi-Sweet than the original, but the only negative I can come to, is that he the softer formula can be a little bit crumbly if you're not careful, which can result in fallout. What do you think of this palette- yay or nay? Have it? Want it?

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