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Monday, April 27, 2015

Feeling Fragrant with Avon Rare Amethyst & Outspoken Fresh by Fergie

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I was originally scheduled to bring you Fragrant Friday, but I ended up taking a sneaky little three day weekend in celebration of one of my favourite people- me (it was my birthday.) But, it's back to business today, with two new fragrances from Avon- Avon Rare Amethyst and Avon Outspoken Fresh by Fergie. Read on!

'Glamorous and captivating, this sensual jewel of passionate plum shimmers with mysterious violet and rich sandalwood.' - Avon

Avon Rare Amethyst is a new addition to the popular Rare collection (think classic Avon scents
like Rare Diamonds and Rare Pearls.) With just three notes- plum, violet, and sandalwood- Rare Amethyst is a simple, but elegant fruity floral that I quite like. The plum gives an unexpected sweetness to the scent that I quite like as it gives this something a little bit different than what you might expect. The violet gives the scent a soft floral element that adds femininity without being overtly floral, with sandalwood to add a touch of warmth to the final dry-down.

'Awaken your senses with an energizing burst of sparkling citrus, vibrant black currant flower mixed with warm sandalwood.' - Avon

Outspoken Fresh by Fergie is the third scent designed by Fergie (you know, from the Black Eyed Peas. Not the royal family.) Outspoken Fresh is another simple scent that also relies on three notes- citrus, black currant flower, and sandalwood- to create a warm, fruity-floral with a fresh twist. I have to say, this combo doesn't work for me. The citrus is lost when first sprayed, with a strong floral note coming through- I'm assuming it's the black currant flower, but I have no idea what that should smell like. The sandalwood adds extra warmth to the scent, but seems to overpower the other notes. While a freshness does present itself once the scent fully dries down, it just doesn't make for my type of fragrance.

Overall, I quite like Rare Amethyst, as the sweetness and soft violet notes make for a great Spring scent. While both of these fragrances are labeled as eau de parfums, I found they did lack staying power, and faded quite quickly on my skin- about 2-3 hours. Tried either of these scents? What scents have you been loving lately?

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