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Friday, April 10, 2015

Too Faced The Little Black Book of Bronzers

too faced little black book of bronzers (4) copy

Oh blog fans, it's been a trying day and a half... My internet connection has been spotty and intermittent and... well, just a pain in the posterior. As soon as it would seem decent, the bottom would drop out. When I got the nerve to phone my provider, I was greeted to the old 'we're aware of service interruptions, thank you for your business... blah, blah, blah.' First world problems at their finest, but still, I got stuff to get done. I have finally gotten to said stuff, and am happy to present to you the new Too Faced The Little Black Book of Bronzers. Remember the BIG Little Black Book they released last year? Well, take that and shrink it. That's exactly what this is. Neat concept, right?! Read on!

Part of what makes Too Faced The Little Black Book of Bronzers so appealing, to me, anyway, is the fact that it really is a book. The bronzer pans are housed in a literal book- complete with faux pages printed on the outer edge- with an added magnetic closure to keep everything secure. The book is adorned with cute illustrations- and the most adorable puppy!- on the front cover and a series of illustrations on the inner cover that depict ways to use the bronzer shades.

The smaller sized pans are still a decent size- there's no need to worry about your brush of choice being too big. I'm not a full time bronzer user, but I really like the idea of having a variety of shades and finishes on hand. Some of my favourites have been quite surprising. Seven of the eight shades are the same as the original, but Bronzed & Poreless was switched out for the new Dark Chocolate Soleil.

Sun Bunny is a split pan with a warm, golden shade and a more traditional bronze shade. but both have a hint of a pink undertone to mimic the look of a natural tan.

Milk Chocolate Soleil is the lightest shade of the Chocolate Soleil family. It's matte, but so silky and smooth, perfectly pigmented for pale skin, and includes the heavenly cocoa scent. This shade works well for contouring and for adding all-over warmth.

Chocolate Soleil is slightly deeper than Milk Chocolate and is best suited for medium to deep skintones.

Snow Bunny is a combination of four luminous shades- tan, pink, bronze, and white- that combine to create a gorgeous, glow that works best as a highlight.

too faced little black book of bronzers (6)

Dark Chocolate Soleil is the deepest shade of he Chocolate Soleil range and is best for deep to tan skintones. It also mks for a great eyeshadow if you're on the paler side.

Pink Leopard is a trio of brightening shades of bronze, gold, and pink, that combine to give cheeks a touch of radiant colour. This shade really surprised me as I love it! It's not too shimmery, but gives a pinky-mauve glow. Plus, the spots are pretty cute too.

Beach Bunnyis like a warmer version of Snow Bunny, with a combination of  bronze, golden tan, peach, and a deep bronze.

Endless Summer is a long-lasting universal shade with a semi-matte finish- it has a subtle amount of shimmer.

Overall, I love this book! As mentioned, I was surprised at which bronzers have ended up being my favourites- Sun Bunny, Snow Bunny and Pink Leopard, along with the more traditional milk Chocolate Soleil and Endless Summer. Had it not been for this sampler of sorts, I don't think I ever would have opted for any of the shimmery, glowing shades. Are you a bronzer fan? Will you be adding this to your collection?

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