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Friday, May 1, 2015

Essie Flowerista Collection | Spring 2015

essie flowerista collection spring 2015 (2)

"Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking."

True, true, Miranda. Florals and floral themes are far from unusual come spring, but they're classic, and a refreshing change of pace from darker winter hues. Essie has taken a floral theme and given it a bit of a shake up shade wise with nudes, grey, teals and plum for their spring 2015 collection. These aren't your average spring shades. Read on for a look at Essie Flowerista Collection!

'Whether the look is futuristic minimalism or nouveau bohemian, the name of the game is flower power. The spring 2015 collection is in full bloom, celebrating the fresh perspectives and energetic nature of the spring season.' - Essie

Perennial Chic is a nude-peach cream with a pretty banging formula. Light shades can be streaky or chalky, but this is super smooth and applies without issue. Two coats.

Picked Perfect is a warm, caramel- tan cream. The formula was a bit thicker than the others, but still very easily manipulated. One coat (yup, one!)
 essie flowerista collection spring 2015 blossom dandy

Blossom Dandy is described by Essie as being a 'light blue with a hint of spring mint green' but I'd call it a minty turquoise. It does read a touch more green in person than in my photos. The formula was a little bit patchy on the first coat, but evened out perfectly with the second. Two coats.

essie flowerista collection spring 2015 garden variety

Garden Variety is a vivid, medium teal cream. How can you not love this colour? It's deepened, but still vivid and from what I can tell doesn't stain. Two easy coats.

essie flowerista collection spring 2015 flowerista

Flowerista is a vivid, deep fuchsia-plum cream. I thought this shade would be quite similar to OPI Dim Sum Plum, but it's deeper and more plummy in tone. The formula is superb- super smooth and pigmented! It's almost a one coater. Two coats.

essie flowerista collection spring 2015 petal pushers

Petal Pushers is a cool, slate grey cream with a violet/blue undertone. I love this shade! I love greys, and as such have quite a few, but none that are quite like this. Two coats.

Overall, I think I love this collection! Petal Pushers, Flowerista and Perennial Chic are my must haves, but really, they're all great shades with hassle-free formulas to match. What do you think? Any shades you just can't live without?

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