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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

L'Oreal Colour Riche La Palette Nude 2

l'oreal la palette nude 2 (8)

It's almost impossible to think of the days before nude/neutral palettes were all the rage, but they did exist... (didn't they?) I'm trying to think back to when I bought my first palette- a Cover Girl quad, with purples and pinks, waaay back in seventh grade- but I don't remember neutrals. Of course, at that age I was probably a bit neutral blind, as a true love of them develops with age. Regardless, neutrals are here to say, and for good reason- there is literally something for everyone. L'Oreal has jumped on the neutral train with two new nude palettes that bring a bit of a higher-end look and feel to the drugstore. Read on for a closer look at L'Oreal Colour Riche La Palette Nude 2!

As mentioned, L'Oreal has released two La Nude Palettes with La Nude 1 consisting of light to medium tones and variations of ivory, beige, and caramel shades. La Nude 2 brings medium to deep tones with variations of taupe, mauve and plum shades. For lovers of nudes/neutrals, 2 is the more unique option as the mauve and plum undertones are unlike most of what's already on the market.

The palette is long, slim, black plastic with a clear viewing window. On the inner side of the lid, you get a strip of mirror that is a decent size. The palette is a decent weight in hand, and feels like it could be fairly durable- the closure is quite secure. Design wise, there really isn't a whole lot going on, but it works.

As for the shadows, the overall quality is quite nice- I was pleasantly surprised! I didn't have any preconceived expectations for this palette, as I really can't recall ever using pressed L'Oreal shadows. The shadows range in finish, with what L'Oreal calls 'shimmery satin, buttery matte, and lustrous sheen.' It's great to see so many mattes and a lack of any frosty, glittery shades. The pigmentation differs a bit between the finishes, but none of the shades were obvious duds and are all easily blended and buildable.

The shades don't have names, but numbers (as shown on the back of the palette, along with four looks.) The first five shades of the palette include:
  • #1 Dirty champagne satin. A little bit sheer, but makes for a nice brow and inner corner highlight.
  • #2 Rose-gold taupe satin. Super pretty shade with nice pigmentation.
  • #3 Dusty mauve matte. One of the smoother mattes of the palette. 
  • #4 Medium chocolate-brown taupe matte. A little bit drier/powdery but buildable.
  • #5 Silvery-lilac taupe with a shimmery satin finish. Very smooth, great pigmentation.This might just be my favourite shade!

The second half of the palette includes:
  • #6 Chocolate brown matte with a slight red undertone. Nicely pigmented quite smooth. 
  • #7 Chocolate-bronze shimmery satin. Smooth and quite opaque.
  • #8 Pink-cream nude. A little bit dry/powdery but smooth and easy to build.
  • #9 Greyed-plum matte with red undertone. 
  • #10 Deep purple-plum matte.

Overall, I like this palette! I was unsure of it at first, as the price point is higher than your average drugstore palette and already have my fare share of neutral palettes. The purple/mauve/plum tones make this for me as they're that bit different. While the shadow formulas aren't out of this world, they're certainly usable and don't have any major faults. I love the this has more matte/stain finishes and that the mix of lighter and deeper shades work well for complete looks. Have you tried this palette? Want to?

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