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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sephora Collection Brushes | Pro Contour #79 & Pro Contour Highlight #80

sephora colletionbrushes  pro contour #79 & pro contour highlight #80 (1)

I still remember my first set of brushes. They were from Avon, navy blue handles, with gold ferrules and black bristles. They likely cost no more than about $10-$12 but I had them for quite some time. Brushes are kind of like any other type of makeup, as they're highly collectable and you really never can have too many (well, until it comes time to cleaning them anyway.) I've recently added a few Sephora Collection brushes to my stash- the Sephora Collection Pro Contour Brush #79 and the Sephora Collection Pro Contour Highlight Brush #80. Interested in hearing how they fare? Of course you do, read on!

Of the Sephora brushes I currently own (most of which are eye brushes) I've been very impressed with the quality and how they've worn wash after wash. Sephora brushes are simply designed, with a classic black handle and silver ferrule. They have a semi-weighty feel in hand, making them feel like they've been well made.  Regardless of brush style, the bristles are soft and dense. Speaking of bristles, each brush comes packaged in a plastic casing to protect the bristles. It's a very nice touch, and if you know you'll be traveling with your brushes, a great way to keep the shape protected.  

The Sephora Collection Pro Contour Brush #79 is a double duty brush that can be used for both contouring and highlighting. The tapered shape makes this brush perfect for precise application of powder contour products, while the fluffiness makes blending quick and easy. I don't contour all the time, so I like that this also works well with highlight. It deposits the perfect amount of product, and blends edges for a natural finish.The bristles are incredibly soft- no poking!- and so far I've only lost one bristle. The brush is made of natural and synthetic fibres, although Sephora doesn't offer any more info than that.

The Sephora Collection Pro Contour Highlight Brush #80 is a layered bristle brush designed to deposit a light layer of product. The brush creates a soft glowy effect and allows you to layer product if you want a stronger effect from your highlight of choice. The brush offers precision, while being small enough to easily highlight smaller areas of the face with ease- like around the eyes, nose, and temples. The style also works well with cream products, making it perfect for all your highlighting needs.

Overall, I quite like these brushes. I've washed both brushes, and other than a touch of black dye from #79, both brushes retained their shape and were as good as new once dry. Do you use specific brushes for contouring and highlighting? Would you add these to your collection?

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