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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Eye Spy | New Liners from Avon, Sephora Collection & Marc Jacobs

eye spy new liners fromavon, sephora collection, and marc jacobs

Get read for a party... A liner party! Woo! Okay, maybe it's not quite 'woo!' worthy, but who can pass up a few new liner options? It seems like the season of the liner, as I've had quite a few pass over my desk- theses are only a few, more will be coming at you soon. Read to enter liner-town? Read on for liners from Avon, Sephora Collection, and Marc Jacobs.

I though I had tried all of Avon's eyeliners, but the Avon Glimmersticks Liqui-Glide Eyeliners somehow made it past me. If you haven't tried these either, you're totally missing out! The slim liners are formulated to apply with the intense look of  liquid liner, but with the ease of a pencil. The product is super creamy, glides on with utmost ease, and, is intensely pigmented. There really is nothing not to love with these, but, since they are soft and creamy, it's almost impossible to keep a pointed tip. The thin shape does help tough, as you can still get a fine line, but getting a sharp point isn't going to happen.  These dry down to a very permanent finish (now waterproof, but they definitely don't budge) that wears beautifully all day and removes with ease.

These are currently available in Brown, Back, and Black Plum, with Jade and Navy being introduced in July.

Get ready to fight off a Sephora shopping urge... The Sephora Collection Colourful Shadow & Liners are kind of spectacular! The muti-purpose, jumbo pencils flaunt waterproof and 12-hour wear capabilities while delivering rich, opaque pigment, and a creamy, smooth formula that glides on like a dream. Can you tell I like these?

What first, wear or shade?...Wear. As mentioned, these have a dreamy, smooth texture, that applies to incredibly easy- as shadow and liner (even in the waterline!)- and stays there. I was incredibly impressed with how well these wore, both as shadow and liner. As shadow, these set to a budge-proof finihsh, that work for a base or wash of colour. As liner, these last just was well, and are great waterline options because they hold on for dear life. 

The range has 33 shades (three of which are on clearance!) hat range from light to dark, muted to bold, and with many matte shades to boot. I've been using 40 Call Girl, a vivid matte pink, and 35 Cafe au Lait, a matte tan nude, that really does look just like it's namesake.

Up last, a bit of luxury with Marc Jacobs Hghliner Gel Eye Crayon. Not going to lead you on, this was a let down. I expected a gorgeous, smooth, easy gliding pencil- hello, GEL- but this just wasn't all that fab. The formula was a stiff, it pulled and dragged (no bueno!) it took a few passes to get the pigment built up, and at this price-point, I expect more than sleek, pretty packaging. The upside, is that the formula is completely budge-proof with a mega waterproof finish- seriously, it's tricky to remove so start with an oil.

I'm hoping the shade- 76 Navy Noir a deep, sightly glowing, navy blue- is the culprit, as there are some really amazing shades in this range I'd love to try, but not if they share the same formula.

Overaall, some great liner options (and one pass...) if you're looking to add something new to your stash. Tried any of these or want to? Do you have a favourite liner? Do share!

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