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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Soufeel Bracelet Review

soufeel bracelet review (2)

Something a bit different today- jewellery! My jewellery collecting days began before my makeup days did, so it's safe to say I do enjoy a little accessorizing. Today it's all about Soufeel, an online retailer that specialize in sterling silver charms and bracelets. Soufeel is a more affordable option if you're looking to fill out a Pandora (or Pandora-esque) European charm bracelet, or if you want to start collecting. I selected a few charms to make my own personalized bracelet, and am really impressed. Want a little look? Read on!

soufeel review Silver Skin Color Leather Charm Bracelet (2)
soufeel review Silver Skin Color Leather Charm Bracelet (1)

I love that charms allow you to express a bit of personality and become a story of their own, but they need a home. A home in the form of a necklace, or more commonly, a bracelet. Soufeel has a pretty wide selection of starter bracelets including the classic silver snake style, bangles, and leather. I love silver, but the idea of a leather bracelet was just too appealing to pass up. There are a few colour option, but I went with Skin Colour, a peachy-nude pink type of braided leather.

The bracelet has a very secure, sterling silver clasp that utilizes a barrel closure that closes tightly around the screw-type peg on the end of the bracelet. While the closure snaps well and ensures you won't easily lose your bracelet, the mechanism is still easy to use- with one hand even (double plus!)

Onto the charms! Soufeel has an extensive selection of sterling silver and Murano glass charms, so expect to browse a bit. They have quite a few new Summer themed charms which are almost too adorable- think starfish, suitcases, and strawberries- with new charms being added all the time.

I didn't have a theme for my bracelet, but when I came across the Moon Pattern Charm, I knew it was meant for me. The sterling silver bead has crescent moon cut-outs for an understated, but cute look, that works as a spacer between more elaborate charms.

I have always loved vintage skeleton keys and locks, so the Lock My Heart Dangle Charm was an instant hit with me. The charm features rounded-square type lock encrusted with pale pink crystals and a dangling key. The key is petite so it doesn't dangle too much when worn (aka it doesn't get in the way.)

I realized I had a bit of a blush/pink theme going on, so the Light Pink Flower Petals Murano Glass charm was my next pick. The glass charm has white petal shapes in a pale pink base. The pattern is simple, but pretty, and is accented by the sterling silver sides/core.

I'm a Taurus, and do enjoy a bit of astrology, so I had to see what Soufeel offered in that area. The bull isn't always represented in the most appealing way, but he Taurus Charm has the simplified Taurus symbol in a round silver bead-type charm. The simple design makes this a great charm to break up busier designs.

While browsing, I came across the clip-on charms and just couldn't pass up the Pink Flower with Crystal Charm. The silver charm has a pink enamel-style flower on each side, with a pink stone in the center. The charm is undoubtedly cute, but also quite useful as clip-on charms are a great way to ensure your charms won't slide off of your bracelet if it was ever to come undone.

While on the topic of not losing charms, stoppers are also handy. The Round Dots stopper charm is a simple, dotted charm that has a rubber center. The center allows the charm to stay in place, thus, stopping your other charms from sliding off. I found the rubber to be quite tight- getting it on was a bit of a challenge- but slides into place easily.

Once you've got your charms selected, you come to the hard part- deciding which order they should go onto the bracelet in. I'm forever switching mine around, but that is half of the fun.

I chose my bracelet and charms for myself, but if you're looking for a personalized gift look no further. Soufeel does up their products in packaging that is perfect for gift giving (they even have pre-designed bracelets if you just can't decide.) The products come securely packaged in a bow clad gift box that is home to a black velour lining and pillow. Each item is individually bagged and includes a cleansing cloth as well. Just in case that's not enough, they even include an elegant, weighty gift bag.

Overall, I really love my charms and will most definitely be ordering from Soufeel again. All of the products have a durable, quality feel and look well made. Shipping is free worldwide, on orders over $50 with a 365-day return policy (how amazing is that?) Soufeel has generously offered the code BAILEY5 which will take 5% off any order. What do you think, are you a charm collector? Do you have any charms from Soufeel?

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