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Monday, July 27, 2015

Maybelline Colour Blur Cream Matte Lip Pencils

maybelline colour blur 05 pink insanity, 10 fast & fuchsia, 20 orange ya glad, 40 my-my magenta  (1)
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Matte lips. They're definitely having a moment (a rather long moment, actually) but I've kind of been loving all of the matte options that have been popping up. A girl can never have too many options. Formulas have been re-designed to be much lass drying, and when it comes to the new Maybelline Colour Blur Cream Matte Lip Pencils, are completely different than your average matte. Want to know more? Of course you do...

"Maybelline's Lip Studio Color Blur redefines the rules of color with a cream matte pencil and blurring smudger. The cream matte pencil feels extremely smooth and comfortable on lips, while the blurring smudger creates your own looks from full-on bold to softly blurred. Color Blur comes in 10 shades ranging from vivids to neutrals."

Maybelline Colour Blur Cream Matte Lip Pencils were designed to create the ombre-esque, colour in the middle of lips look that stems from Asian beauty trends. While you can create that look by apply the colour to the inner portion of lips and blending with the eraser-like smudger included on the end of the pencil, I found it looked kind of odd; more like I didn't really know how to apply lipstick than an intentional style. Obviously, you can also choose to apply them normally, which is how I'll be using them.

So, we know these are matte, but what I didn't expect was the unique formula. I expected something like your typical matte lipstick, but these have a very light, almost powdery feeling texture that is instantly matte when applied. The formula varies a bit from colour to colour, but overall, it's very light, quite smooth, and quite pigmented, but unforgiving in that lip flaws are quite hard to hide. Additionally, if your lips are prone to dryness you'll want to balm up prior to application, and remove it before applying these. While these aren't too drying through out wear, the light texture blends into balm and you end up with a creamy finish as opposed to matte.

Pink Insanity is a blue based, vivid, pink. The formula is a bit thinner with this shade, and I found I needed to apply a bit more carefully to get an even finish and hide lip imperfections. I found you get the best coverage (with all shades) if you smooth the colour out with a fingertip or included smudger.

Fast & Fuchsia is a red-based, soft fuchsia. I expected a bolder shade, but I love that this is a softer take on fuchsia, making this a really wearable pink.

Orange Ya Glad (ugh, that name...) is a red-orange. Another shade that isn't what I expected, but I was pleasantly surprised by the red-orange hue. That said, if you're looking for a true orange shade, this isn't it.

My-My Magenta is a vivid, yet super wearable magenta shade. I expected a deeper shade based on the tube shade, but this is a great medium-depth shade. This shade had the best formula, as it seemed a bit smoother and applied really well without accentuating flaws.

Overall, I don't mind these. I don't think I love them though. The texture is quite unique, and I like that these are only the tiniest bit drying through out wear. I averaged 3-4 hours wear, but as they're so light feeling, you do need to mirror check to see if they're still there because you really can't feel them. Most shades leave a bit of a stain, which I like, but some may not. It would be nice to see a few more neutral, nude and blush shades added to the range, as the ten shades currently available are mostly variations of pink. Have you tried these? Want to? What is your go-to for matte lips?

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