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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito | Summer 2015

the body shop virgin lime mojito body splash, sorbet, and body butter (1)
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Fast fact: I love limes! I love them in just about any cold drinks come warmer weather, so it was easy for me to get really excited about The Body Shop's limited edition Virgin Mojito offerings for summer 2015. While I usually don't do virgin beverages (give me the hard stuff, please!) I can totally get behind this fresh and tangy scent. Read on for a rundown of what's what. 

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito collection features a fresh and vibrant scent that combines the tangy juiciness of Caribbean lime, that is tamed by a hint of fresh, green mint, and just a touch of sweetness. The scent is incredibly realistic and stays true to it's tasty, salt-rimmed, inspiration.

Since the body sorbets were released (last summer, or the summer before?) I can't think summer moisture without thinking of them. The Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet combines the fresh limey scent with the light, cool body sorbet formula I've come to love. If you haven't experienced them, the texture is light, with a serum meets gel-cream type texture that is feather light on skin but leaves it nicely hydrated (thanks to Community Fair Trade aloe) and lightly scented.

For a scent boost, the Virgin Mojito Body Splash is an awkward way to go about it. Yeah, you read that right. The Body Splash is just that; think body spray without the spray. The idea is that you just splash this on after a shower, but I find it's a bit awkward to pour the liquid into your hand and splash it on. That said, I love the scent and the cooling effect it has as it dries- it utilizes alcohol denat to dry quickly on sin. As alcohol can be drying, it's definitely best to follow this up with some form of moisturizer.

Of course, what Body Shop experience is complete without their classic body butter? The Virgin Mojito Body Butter combines the same delicious limey-mint scent with a lighter, buttery-textured body butter. As you may know, The Body Shop Body Butters don't all share the same texture. The Body Shop states this one is best for normal skin, but it's still quite moisturizing thanks to Community Fair Trade shea butter. The lighter texture makes this a better warm weather moisturizer as it absorbs faster and without that dreaded 'hot-day moisturizer film '. You know the feeling.

Overall, I'm a fan of this scent/collection! As mentioned, it is a limited edition, so snag what catches your eye now. The collection also includes shower gel, body scrub (although, it's the new, not scrubby version) and a few cute gift sets. Are you a mojito fan? Interested in this scent?

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