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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier

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Pop quiz: what's a quick and easy way to improve your skin and overall well being? Do you have your answer? It's water! Plain old, life sustaining, water. I think most beauty buffs know increasing your water intake can really make a difference to skin and life in general. It's an essential part of life, and when done right, is a pleasant beverage. I say done right because not all water is created equally. I grew up drinking artesian well water, which is of pretty stellar quality, with a fresh, clean taste. It made me a very fussy water drinker when I lived away and was left with odd tasting 'city water'. To me, it always tasted like it should have been in a pool and not my glass. There are tons of options to deal with such situations, but one I wish I'd had is the Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier. It's a pretty neat gadget that makes clean, tasty water as simple as the push of a button.

"Waterlogic™ Hybrid Water Purifier is the world’s first and only water purification device that combines the highest standard in drinking water quality and a great taste with the flexibility of a jug. It can be used anywhere at home or away from home (your kids rooms, summer homes, boats, caravans, etc.) without installation – just plug it in and enjoy pure, healthy, great tasting water."
The Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier is a counter-top system that uses a carbon filter and UV light to purify water. The system uses a unique triple action process:
  • Active carbon filter removes harmful and nasty-tasting impurities without affecting the water’s nutritional values or minerals
  • Firewall™ UV technology removes 99.9999% of bacteria 100% of the time
  • BioCote® provides long lasting antimicrobial protection against the formation of bacteria on exposed surfaces

The system weighs in at just under eight pounds, and is available in an assortment of colours (like blue, green, pink, white etc.) As mentioned, it's super easy to use- just plug it in, fill the reservoir (it fits in the back of the machine) and you're ready to go. There is one button, which you press to start and stop the flow of water. The button also acts as the display monitor when the filter and/or UV light needs to be replaced. Water filters through the machine quite quickly, and it only takes a moment to fill a glass or bottle. Once the water is filtered, it tastes clean and pure- how water is meant to taste.

Overall, this system is a great alternative to water bottles, and other filter systems that aren't able to purify water as completely. I love that you can store the reservoir in the fringe or add ice to it for perfectly cold drinking water at a moments notice. I will say the unit is a bit bulky if you don't have a lot of counter space, but the fact that it can be plugged in anywhere is helpful. I have a butcher's block type unit in my kitchen and it's the perfect spot for me. If you've got a larger household, or use more water in general, the Waterlogic Countertop System connects directly to your water mains, meaning you never have to refill a reservoir. Plus, it dispenses hot, warm, tepid, and cold water. What do you think? Could you use a system like this? Do you currently use anything for your drinking water?

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