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Friday, August 21, 2015

Lise Watier EYEvolution Collection | Fall 2015

Lise Watier EYEvolution fall 2015
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It feels a little odd to have a makeup post on a Friday. Fridays are usually skin care days around these parts, but sometimes you've got to shake it up. As promised, this week has been all makeup, and to wrap it up, I've got the gorgeous Lise Watier EYEvolution Collection for fall 2015. The collection is about everything eyes and features a few limited edition products that you're going to want. Sorry, but you are. Read on for all the details!

Want to start off with bases? I'll just assume you said yes (because we are totally starting there, regardless.) Lise Watier has jumped on the alphabet craze train with a new, permanent addition to the brand with their Extreme Hold CC Eye Primer. Now, I can forgive the CC part, but in their defense this does have colour correcting down and works really well as a base. The beige-nude shade works to even out lid colour and holds shadows in place all day. LW promises 16 hour wear, but I haven't worn anything quite that long. My shadows did wear perfectly for about 11 hours with no creasing and only minimal fading. Not too shabby at all. I love the metal applicator, as it's not only cooling/soothing on eyes, but it's also that bit more sanitary.

As all beauty fans know, cream shadows can also make exceptional bases. They work on their own too, of course. The new (and permanent) Ombre Velours Suprême tout a perfectly matte finish with a creme to powder formula that applies and wears like a dream. I've been using the shade Sable Velours (a blush-nude) that is perfect for a hint of colour that evens the look of lids and wears well under other shadows. I had a touch of creasing by the end of the day, but I was impressed at how minimal it was. The range includes six neutral shades (think vanilla, peach, nude, taupe, and grey) that are perfect for everyday.

If there is one thing Lise Watier does exceptionally well, it's their palettes. The limited edition EYEvoloution Eyeshadow Quartet is no exception. The palm sized palette is home to four shadows with a unique half-cream, half-powder formula. The formula is really something, as it really is a bit of cream and powder all in one. The shadows have a creamy richness, with the blend-ability and pigment of a powder. The colours of course, are also stunning, as they're both completely wearable for soft day to day looks but you can also go more intense for a bolder look. The palette has two satin-mattes, with one being a soft, blush pink, and the second, a light golden wheat shade. The two remaining shades have a more luminous satin finish, with one being a complex taupe. Complex in that it shits with blue and lavender tones in the light. Not to be forgotten, a khaki tinged grey that takes on more or less green depending on the light.

When it comes to eyeliners, it seems like you've often got to sacrifice formula to get a really long-lasting colour. Not with the Intense Waterproof Eyeliner! The new improved formula (which I think replaces the existing LW Waterproof Eyeliners) have a creamy, smooth formula, with rich pigments, but wear like iron. These have a stupendously strong hold and don't budge. A good waterproof remover is definitely needed with these, but the wear is amazing. I've been using the shades Chocolat Intense (deep chocolate brown with fine gold shimmer) and Anthracite (deep gunmetal with fine blue-silver shimmer) which work with almost any look. They do require sharpening, but I really don't mind as I love the formula.

Obviously and all eye collection isn't complete with mascara. It's the always necessary cherry on top. That cherry comes in the form of the limited edition Dramatique Intense 3D Mascara which gives lashes a pretty nice boost. I love a more is more formula (I want length, volume, definition, deep black colour, you name it, I want it) and this gives me most of what I want. I say most, as it didn't hold a curl amazingly. It did fairly well, but I'm pretty particular lately as I have a small crop of lashes on my left eye that now grow straight out. They don't like to stay curled, and are generally just a pain. While the curl/hold is just okay, this mascara does make up for that with a lot of length and volume. I was impressed at how much it boosted lash volume with just one coat. I've found two coats is the max (it is tempting to really pile it on) as lashes start to lose definition and clump together if you add more. The brush is quite large, but the tapered end works well to grab little baby lashes without making a mess. Overall, I am quite pleased with the formula.

Overall, this collection is full of products bound to become everyday necessities. Everything is gorgeous and performs well. I love that this collection is full of shades that are not only pretty, but completely useful without being your typical neutrals. What do you think of this collection? See anything you need?

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