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Friday, August 7, 2015

On the Road | Travel Beauty Bits

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Get out of here. Wait, no. Stay at your electronic device, keep reading, but make a plan to get out of here (or would that be there?) Regardless, a day or two away can do amazing things for the mind and soul, and what better a time than the long, warm, days of summer? Of course, with travel comes packing. I actually don't mind packing, even if I am terrible at it- I usually have a more is more approach. Trying to decide what clothes and shoes to take is hard enough, but add it a serious beauty addiction and it's almost impossible to travel light. While I can't tell you what to pack, I can give you a heads up and share some pretty amazing products that can certainly make that time away from home a bit easier. Read on!

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Mini shampoos and conditioners. A travel staple that is every where when you don't need it, and nowhere to be found when you do. Be prepared with minis from Baylis & Harding. The Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit Shampoo and Conditioner not only smell amazing, but close tightly (no leaks!) and are housed in sturdy plastic bottles.

If standard shampoo just doesn't cut it for your precious locks (I get it. I have high maintenance hair too) Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo is an option. This indigo shampoo works to neutralize yellow tones in blonde and white hair to keep your colour fresh. Not blonde? Me either, but this also works on pretty much every hair colour to neutralize brassiness.

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Mini shampoos are great, but if you're only going to be away from your precious products for a day or two, a good dry shampoo might just be enough. I happen to love the COLAB options, with the Rio scent being my favourite. It's got a light tropical scent with a light formula that doesn't leave a white cast on hair, and brushes out cleanly. I'm not sure if it's made it's way to the US yet, but snag it at most major drugstores in Canada if you spot it.

So, you're going to need a brush. Probably. I hate packing brushes as they either get squished or poke into other things and cause damage. Not only is The Tangle Teezer a great brush option (see my full review here) but it travels quite well. It's smaller size is easily tucked into corners and the flexible, plastic bristles withstand bending and bounce back into shape pretty well.

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As it is currently summer, you likely don't want or need a heavy boy moisturizer, but a bit of hydration can certainly be welcome if you happen to be somewhere with a different climate or water. Don't risk spending your vaccay like a raisin and throw a bottle of Yves Rocher Nutrition Beautifying Dry Oil in your bag. You can thank me later. The light weight oil not only smells pretty damn good, but it also is true to it's title and has a light, dry formula. It sinks in quickly leaving skin soft and hydrated with no oily reside.

Again, as it is currently summer, it's also a tad warm. Avoid being a stinker (literally) with Secret. Now, I'm biased because I've been using Secret since I was about twelve, but they're a great go to when you don't know what to grab. I LOVE their Cocoa Butter Kiss scent (look for the body spray too!) and that you can usually find travel size tubes. The Clear Gel is a great summer pick as it won't leave pesky white crap on your clothes, or all over your travel bags. 

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So, by now your hair is clean, your skin is all glowy and smooth, you don't stink, but something is still amiss... You're a hairy mess and your mouth could smell a little less Starbuck-y? I've got you covered, girl. For teeth, pack a toothbrush. Easy. But, if you just go throwing your toothbrush in a travel bag it's likely not going to survive the trip so well. "Hello, long stray hair that doesn't look like my own." Avoid such a situation with Steripod Anti-Bacterial Toothbrush Sanitizers. Steripods cover most toothbrush styles (manual and electric) and keep physical and bacterial junk off your toothbrush. The pods utilize active thyme vapors, which is a natural germ killer, that is activated when removed from their medical grade packaging. They last three months once open.

Teeth are fresh, so let's get to the hair. Body hair that is. You can leave your razor at home (or your boy friend's, I won't tattle) as the Velvet Touch Natural Hair Remover Mitts can do the job. You just pop the sleeve on your hand (like a mitt) and rub it in circular motions over legs for a smooth finish. Hair is removed and it also exfoliates. Bonus!

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Even if you're not straying too far from home, it's always best to be prepared. A fragrance emergency can strike any time and any where, so I say be like a Girl Guide and be prepared. I keep a Travalo perfume atomizer on my person at all times. The Classic Excel model is a newer model (compared to the original Travalo shown in pink) as it's not only bigger, but it also has an improved pump for even easier filling. The Classic Excel holds 5 ml (equal to 65 sprays) and is glass free making it compilable with airline guidelines. I love that I can easily take my favourite scent on the go and can fill it without any hassle. To fill the device, you simply pop the spritzer cap off of your perfume and pump the Travalo over the bottle's spout.

Hand sanitizer is a must have for day to day life, but most formulas are mostly alcohol. Ooh, did you know the average hand sanitizer has has 62% ethyl alcohol, while Jack Daniel's only has 40%? Crazy. Save the hard stuff for drinking and opt for an alcohol free version like X3 Clean. It's not only safer for kids, but it won't dry out your hands. I love that you can get three purse size spray bottles to stash everywhere for a decent price (about $5 CAD.)

How did I almost forget? You might need something to stash your travel goods in. You might have also noticed the train case in the above photos. The Mark Going Places Train Case is all kinds of perfect for travel or makeup storage in general. The faux-leather case has an upper portion with a small mirror and an elasticized pocket perfect for makeup brushes, as there is even a flap to protect the exposed brush tops. The bottom portion is large and open with side pockets and a zippered pocket for extra organizing. Plus, the inner lining is a fun, tropical print that is pretty cute.

As I said, I can't give you the answers to perfect packing, but I can make it a tad easier. Did you see anything you'd pack? What are your travel must haves?

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