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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

OPI Infinite Shine Soft Shades 2015

OPI Infinite Shine Soft Shades 2015
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OPI has been seriously busy adding new shades to their Infinite Shine range. New shades are never a bad thing in my book. Much like the annual Soft Shades we see in the classic OPI range, Infinite Shine is following suit with six Soft Shades. While the Infinite Shine formulas take a little getting used to application wise, I love that they have the extended wear thing going on. Want a look? Read on for swatches!

If you're not familiar with OPI Infinite Shine Gel Effect System, I suggest reading my first post here. I go over my overall experience and wear time, as these are meant to wear like a gel (for ten days) with the ease of your typical polish. OPI suggests you use their Primer (base coat) and Gloss (top coat) for the best wear, but really, it's up to you, use what you like. I quite like the Gloss and use it with other polish as I find it does give me extended wear. For the swatches below, I applied a ridge filling base coat (for optimum smoothness) and no top coat. As you can see, these are quite glossy on their own. Onto the swatches!

OPI Infinite Shine Soft Shades 2015 The Beige of Reason

The Beige of Reason is a sheer, milky peachy pink. For a sheer milky shade, it applied really evenly with only minimal streaking. I used two coats for fairly full coverage (for a sheer.)

OPI Infinite Shine Soft Shades 2015 Beyond the Pale Pink

Beyond the Pale Pink is a very, light pink cream. Think white with the tiniest touch of pink. The formula of this shade is a bit thick, which made getting a clean line at the cuticle more work than I expected. The shade is a bit streaky, but builds to opaque pretty easily. I used two to three coats here as some streaks just wouldn't even out.

OPI Infinite Shine Soft Shades 2015 Non-Stop White

Non-Stop White is just that, a clean, pure white cream. The formula was a bit thick, but seemed to work well with this shade as it wasn't very minimal in the streaking department. The shade is quite opaque, and as such I only needed two coats.

OPI Infinite Shine Soft Shades 2015 Pearl of Wisdom

Pearl of Wisdom is a pearly white with micro-shimmer that gives subtle hints of blue. purple, and silver. The shimmer is light and doesn't read as frosty. The formula is a bit thinner, but builds nicely. While it wasn't streaky it was really easy to cause drag marks with the brush. Two to three coats.

OPI Infinite Shine Soft Shades 2015 Go To Grayt Lengths

Go to Grayt Lengths is a cool grey with fine silver shimmer. This shade has a great formula that applied really well with two coats. I find it interesting that somehow the shimmer looks as if it was applied over a base, as opposed to being in the polish.

OPI Infinite Shine Soft Shades 2015 Eternally Turquoise

Eternally Turquoise is a soft, slightly dusty, blue based turquoise. While this type of shade isn't completely unique, I can't think of any quite this shade. The formula is great; super easy to apply, not streaky and no dragging issues. Two coats.

OPI Infinite Shine Soft Shades 2015 (2)

Overall, these are great subtle shades. The Infinite Shine formula does take a bit of adjusting to, as application isn't as straightforward as normal polishes, but the extended wear does make it worth the effort for me. Of the Soft Shades, I've been loving Pearl of Wisdom, Beyond the Pale Pink, and Eternally Turquoise. What do you think of these shades? Anything you need in your collection?

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