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Monday, August 10, 2015

OPI Infinite Shine Summer Shades 2015

OPI infinite shine summer 2015
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What is better than a new polish collection? A surprise collection, of course! I was expecting the OPI Infinite Shine Soft Shades, but when they arrived I was also greeted to the Summer Shades for 2015. Yay! You'll have to wait for Soft Shades swatches as they didn't survive their voyage, but I do have the twelve new Summer Shades all swatched and ready to go. Want a look? Read on!

If you're not familiar with OPI Infinite Shine Gel Effect System, I suggest reading my first post here. I go over my overall experience and wear time, as these are meant to wear like a gel (for ten days) with the ease of your typical polish. OPI suggests you use their Primer (base coat) and Gloss (top coat) for the best wear, but really, it's up to you, use what you like. I quite like the Gloss and use it with other polish as I find it does give me extended wear. For the swatches below, I applied a ridge filling base coat (for optimum smoothness) and no top coat. As you can see, these are quite glossy on their own. Onto the swatches!

The Sun Never Sets is a whitened, light orange creme. This shade looks lighter in the bottle than it dries on the nail, with less of a true pastel shade. Application was a bit troublesome with this shade as the brush seemed to work against the formula. The formula was a touch thick, but the brush seemed to leave bald spots and dragging when you applied any pressure. I found a very light hand and thicker coats were necessary for even coverage. Two coats.

Bee Mine Forever is a pale yet vivid, yellow creme. I'm not the biggest yellow fan, but this is such a great shade! The formula was nicely pigmented, but I did find the brush to be the issue when applying as it seemed to coarse and left bald spots and streaking far too easily. Three coats.

OPI infinite shine summer 2015 s-ageless beauty

S-ageless Beauty is a pale, pastel green creme. I thought this would have a minty look, but the shades leans more yellow, so if anything it's limey. The formula was a bit thin, but applied really easily with no brush issues. Two coats.

OPI infinite shine summer 2015 to be continued...

To be Continued... is a pale, periwinkle tinged blue. This shade is incredible! It has the same thin, but easy to manged formula as S-ageless Beauty. Two coats.

OPI infinite shine summer 2015 wild blue yonder

Wild Blue Yonder is a  vivid blue creme that is all kinds of amazing! The formula is incredibly pigmented (this is almost a one coater) and applies with zero issue. I did find it stained a bit, so an extra layer of base coat and careful removal is recommended. Two coats.

OPI infinite shine summer 2015 purpetual emotion

Purpetual Emotion is a vivid, blue based grapey purple creme. Another stunner that is so close to being a one coater. Two coats.

OPI infinite shine summer 2015 lavendurable

Lavendurable is a very pale, pastel lavender creme. The formula was a bit tricky to work with, but it seems like it's more the brush than the polish. Again, using the slightest amount of pressure possible does help. Two coats.

OPI infinite shine summer 2015 patience pays off

Patience Pays Off is a  pale, greyed blush shade. It's unlike any pinky-nude shade I've seen/used and is quite pretty. The formula was thinner, and flowed onto the nail pretty well. Two coats.

OPI infinite shine summer 2015 you're blushing again

You're Blushing Again is a pale, peachy-nude creme. Another shade with a thinner formula and easy application. Two coats.

OPI infinite shine summer 2015 follow your bliss

Follow Your Bliss is a cool, medium-soft pink, with a touch of dustiness. Not the best description, but the shade isn't a pure, clean baby pink. The formula was thicker, and the brush didn't play so well. The first coat looked terrible, but the second evened everything out. Two coats.

OPI infinite shine summer 2015 silver on ice

Silver on Ice is a soft silver with a frosty-metallic finish. I'm not a fan of the finish as it's just... Ugh. Brush strokes are an issue, but otherwise easy application. Two coats.

OPI infinite shine summer 2015 enter the golden era

Enter the Golden Era is a soft gold with a frosty-metallic finish. Again, I don't love the look, but this shade did apply with less visible brush strokes than I anticipated. Two coats.

OPI infinite shine summer 2015 swatches

Overall, I quite like this collection! I's not typical of what you expect for summer, but the pale, pastel-like shades are just so pretty. What do you think, love (or hate) any of these shades? Are you a fan of the Infinite Shine System?

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