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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Smashbox #SHAPEMATTERS Palette

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It feels like a palette kind of day, does it not? Regardless what you answered, it's going to be a palette day, so get excited. The palette up for discussion today is worthy of that excitement as it combines three popular elements in one with products for brows, contouring, and eyes. All-in-one type palettes can be hit and miss, especially if there are products you'll never use, so I was quite pleased that the Smashbox #SHAPEMATTERS Palette is not only versatile but super useful. Read on for a closer look!


The Smashbox #SHAPEMATTERS Palette holds a lot of product- three for brows, four for contouring, and nine shadows, plus a brush, but somehow is still quite compact. The heavy weight, coated cardboard and plastic palette isn't too large (about two hands long) without being too thick or bulky. It includes a full mirror, and a dual-ended, full size brush. The brush is perfect as it has one angled end for brows and a medium sized shadow brush on the other. The quality is on par with your standard Smashbox brushes, and is a really nice addition to the palette.

The palette also comes with interactive lookbook cards that include charts for brows, face, and eyes that can be held up to your phone for video tutorials. I couldn't get them to work on my phone, but the idea is quite interesting.




Inside the palette, the first thing you're greeted to are the brow products. Diagonally from top to bottom you get Brow Tech Wax, a clear wax that works to set brows and brow powder. I've been using Brow Tech for a few years and love that it can keep unruly brows in check and ensures brow powders stay in place. Oh, plus, the little pot has it's own cover to keep powder out of the wax. I love that they thought of that. Next up are two shades of Brow Tech Brow Powder. You get Taupe and Soft Brown. The powders a bit powdery and throw a fair bit of dust, but do apply nicely and fill in brows well. I don't find the shades deep enough, but the palette does include a matte brown shadow that works nicely to deepen the shades.

Contouring products follow brows, with a cool contour shade, medium-light matte bronzer, matte highlight shade, and a glowy highlight shade. I tend not to contour, mainly because I've never taken the time to find the right shade for my light skin tone, but theses shades work exceptionally. Smashbox claims that these shades will work for a range of skin tones, but they do lean more towards the lighter side. I would say they're best for light to the darker side of medium skin. I found the formulas to be excellent in both tone and formula, as they're smooth and easily blended with an easy to gauge pigmentation. What I mean, is you're able to apply without giving yourself clown face, but they're not so lightly pigmented that you need to build them up either (dependent on your skin tone, that is.)


Not that the other products were shabby, but the stunners of this palette are the shadows. I happen to love Smashbox shadows and am pleased to report that the nine shades (Smashbox award winners, actually) are all fabulous. Out of the nine shades, six are matte which is a nice change of pace from palettes that only offer two or three. The matte shades all have a smooth, buttery texture with incredible pigmentation. Even the deepest shades- Sumatra, Aubergine, and Blackout- reach full opacity with two passes when swatched and blend so easily on the eyes. I love that the shades offer something for every type of look as you can go natural or more colourful (Posh is an amazing pink!) or smokey so easily.

Overall, I'm a major fan of this palette! I was a bit apprehensive of the contour shades, as I'm not really into the whole thing, but these are shades I will actually use. The shadows are amazing, and while the brow shades are a bit too light for me, those with lighter hair will appreciate them being so handy. This will make a great travel palette as it's not too huge and incorporates so many products. What do you think of this palette? Are you a fan of multi-purpose palettes?

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