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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Annabelle Pencil Power

Annabelle Pencil Power
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We're taking a trip down the aisles of the drugstore today, a Canadian drugstore actually, as the brand at hand is Annabelle. Annabelle (and her older sister Marcelle) have released a lot of new pieces for fall, with quite a few pencil products. From lips, brows, and eyes it's a full on pencil party. I love that you can find some really quality products (on the cheap) if you know where to look, since $30 for a single liner isn't always feasible. Today is all about Annabelle pencils with most being eye liners, but brows join the fun too. Ready? Read on!

Annabelle Instaglam Kajal Eyeliner + Kajal combines a chubby liquid liner with a smokey kajal pencil. The dual ended pencil is a great concept, especially if you like to double up black liner (on the upper and lower lash line.) I'm going to be super honest and say that I don't love the liquid liner portion of this liner. The shade isn't super black (it reads more like a black-brown) and the chubby shape is a bit cumbersome for creating a cat flick. It lines decently, but I expect to get a flick on my liner. The kajal end is great though: super smooth, pigmented, and easily smudged should that be your thing.

Liquid liners are a product I always look forward to trying because you just never know when you'll find a new favourite. Annabelle offers up two dual ended options. The Eyeink2 Liquid Eyeliner Duo which combines an ultra fine tip with a slightly lager fine tip. The ultra fine tip allows you to create the finest of fine lines, while the larger tip works nicely to create and fill your flick. I found the tips apply nicely, bt the liner could be more opaque and a tuer black shade. I found myself going over my lines to get the deepest black possible.

The Eyeink2 Mistake Proof Eyeliner + Corrector is the liner you want. The dual ended liner has a black liquid liner on one end and a corrector tip on the other. The liner is a nice deep black shade (yay!) that applies just as well as the other Eyeink2 liner. The corrector, while it seems a little gimmicky, slays through liner remarkably well. While it will disturb any other products on your eye, it makes fast and clean work of liner mishaps.

Annabelle Eye Kohl Duo in tuxedo

When you can't decide on one shade, the Annabelle Kohl Duo in Tuxedo is your best bet Combining a white and black liner, this has your basics covered. The liner doesn't look all that exciting, but the formula wears exceptionally well. It's nicely pigmented, soft, and easily applied in the waterline. The sades not only wear well in the waterline, but they stay opaque for hours. You can see the black liner in action in this post.

annabelle stay sharp metallic waterproof kohl in snow white and bronzey browliner in taupe

Annabelle isn't first brand to offer self-sharpening pencils, but they have a formula that fares better than the others I've tried. The Stay Sharp Metallic Waterproof Kohl Eyeliners have a creamy formula that glides on quite well. I found Bronzey (softly shimmering, metallic bronze) was really smooth and easy to apply, with Snow White (matte white) being a little firmer and a touch patchy. Oh, ans Snow White is matte, so not sure how it fits into the metallic range. If you've yet to experience a self-sharpening pencil, the cap houses a sharpener that sharpens the product each time you re-cap. It's a genius idea, as it means you've always got sharp pencils.

Brows are in on the action too, with the Stay Sharp Waterproof Brow Liner. I have the shade Taupe, which I never thought would work on my dark brows, but it's a deep taupe shade that is fully layerable. The formula is quite nice, as it can be build up to cover sparse areas but not so soft that your brows look overdone. The formula is easily manipulated for a natural look, but sets to a waterproof and smudge proof finish.

Annabelle Brow Show Brow Liner + Highlight in light (2)Annabelle Brow Show Brow Liner + Highlight in light (1)

Wrapping up with one last brow product is the Brow Show Brow Liner + Highlighter. Available in two shade options- Medium to Dark and Light to Medium, I have Light to Medium. The colour options are based on the brow side of the pencil, with both shades having the same universal highlight shade. I didn't expect the brow shade to work for me (as I have dark brows) but I can happily report it does. The brow pencil has an easy to use formula that fills in brows well without being too waxy or too pigmented.

While I like the brow end, it's the highlight end that really wows. The highlight has a soft glowy radiance that is perfection under brows and on the inner corner of eyes. The formula is smooth and creamy, easy to blend and wears well for the better part of the day. I love how natural the glow is, but that it's still apparent and gives eyes that extra bit of lift and brightened look.

Overall, Annabelle has some great liner and brow options. Of the bunch, I'm particularly fond of the Eyeink2 Liner + Corrector, Stay Sharp liner in Bronzey, and the Brow Show Brow Liner + Highlight. Have you tried any of these products? What's your favourite drugstore brand for liners and brows?

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