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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bio Seaweed Gel Unity All-in-One Colour Gel Polish

Bio Seaweed Gel Unity Uptown Lights Collection
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You might know that nail polish is one of my favourite things, but you might not know that my nails hate it. I have tried every method in the book, and what feels like every products to try and keep polish on my nails, but I rarely get much more than two or three days wear before chipping, flaking and peeling set in. There have been some products that give me an extra day or two, but nothing ends up being long-lasting. I've tried a few gel systems with mixed results, but decided to give one more a try when the opportunity to try Bio Seaweed Gel came along. Am I ever pleased that I did! I won't get ahead of myself, so read on for my wear experience and an easy to create sea inspired nail art look!

Bio Seaweed Gel Unity gel polish and no wipe top coat

Bio Seaweed Gel specializes in gel polishes that they tout as being 'the healthier gel' since they're formulas are all big five free (no toluene, formaldehyde, DBP, BHA, or solvents.) I was given the opportunity to test out their Unity All-in-One Colour Gel POlish, which is unique in that it's formulated with a base and top coat built right into the colour, and it cures without a sticky layer. Oh, another interesting aspect, you can cure it without a lamp. How awesome is that?! The Unity shades (they also have your typical three step shades) can be cured in the sun or using a UV/LED lamp.

I used both the sun and a lamp to cure my polish, as I tend to do my nails at night, making the sun method a little impractical for me. To cure via the sun, you simply apply your polish (inside, in the shade) and then head into the great outdoors to find some direct sunlight. The polish cures in 30 seconds via a lamp, but can take longer in the sun depending on the strength. I found my polish did take longer to dry in the sun, and I'll likely use a lamp to cure it most of the time for convenience, but the option to use the sun is still kind of amazing.

The colour does contain a base coat and topcoat within it, but Bio Seaweed Gel does recommend a top coat for polish on hands for added durability and extended shine. Their No- Wipe Top Gel Polish can also be cured via the sun, and does so without the need for an alcohol wipe to remove the sticky layer typical gel polishes have. The top coat leaves a gloriously shiny finish that is strong and durable (more on that in a moment!)

Bio Seaweed Gel Unity Uptown Lights Collection Halifax

Bio Seaweed Gel Unity Uptown Lights Collection St. John's (1)

Bio Seaweed Gel Unity Uptown Lights Collection St. John's six day wear

Both of the shades I've been wearing are from the Uptown Lights Collection, which celebrates Canadian Cities. The fifteen shades in the collection range from nudes, to neon brights, with something for every taste. I chose Halifax, a camel-nude creme, ans St. John's, a dusty, purple-kissed periwinkle (it does read a touch more purple in person than the photos suggest.)

Both colours are gorgeous, but St. John's takes first prize for me, as I live for dusty blues. It's more than just pretty though, as it's also the best polish I've ever worn. Seriously, I wore St. John's for a full seven days (which is totally unheard of for me) ad only experienced minimal chipping. I snapped a photo of my left hand on day six, and as you can see there isn't much damage done, and the finish is still super glossy. I had a little bit more chipping on my right hand, but that is to be expected on my dominant hand. Needless to say I was thrilled with how well the polish held up. I'm not one to baby my nails either, and usually use them in ways that are guaranteed to damage polish, so hands treated more delicately could get even longer wear time.

Bio Seaweed Gel Unity nail art (1)Bio Seaweed Gel Unity nail art (2)Bio Seaweed Gel "Sea Spray" Unity All-inOne Colour Uptown Lights Collection Nail Art

Bio Seaweed Gel asked me if I could create a summer themed nail art look with the shades I selected. While I had never attempted nail art with gel polish, I gave it a go. BSG polishes are incredibly pigmented (two thin coats yields full, rich, opacity) and a touch thicker than your average polish, so I did have to adjust to the texture. I'll be honest and admit I did need a few attempts to get create something I loved. Luckily the shades I chose gave me a few different takes on a sand and sea theme. I ended up going with a splatter of St, John's over Halifax, to create a look reminiscent of when the surf washes up onto the shore. I have to say, I'm loving it. If you love it too, be sure to follow Bio Seaweed Gel on instagram (@bioseaweedgel) as they'll be holding a nail art competition featuring looks created by myself and a few other Canadian Beauty Blogger members starting Sept. 14-16th. The winner will not only get bragging rights, but they'll also get a $250 Bio Seaweed Gel gift basked to giveaway to a lucky reader.

Overall, I can easily say that I'm now a full on fan of Bio Seaweed Gel UnityAll-in-One Gel Polish! It's hands down the longest wearing polish I've used, plus, they have a pretty massive selection of shades. If you're interested in trying them for yourself, Bio Seaweed Gel has provided the code IKATW for $10 off any order. Have you tried Bio Seaweed Gel? Are you a fan of gel polish?

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