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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dollup Beauty Dollup Case | Jetset Black

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Something a little different today, but really interesting. The Dollup Beauty Dollup Case. It's a really unique system that incorporates makeup storage, brush storage, and a mirror for on the go use. As Dollup says "Bring your vanity with you". Okay, so you can't bring it all, but you can take quite a bit. Read on for a closer look.

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Can I start by saying I'm kind of obsessed with this? I don't even travel that much, but the Dollup Beauty Dollup Case is just such a great invention. The hard case is just a bit bigger than my palm with extended fingers (7.5"L x 4.5"W x 1.5"D official measurements) yet can hold quite a bit of beauty goodies.

The top of the clutch is marked with a small gold Dollup logo, which is a thoughtful touch, and keeps you from opening it upside down. You don't need to worry about the case opening unexpectedly either, as the clasp is very secure and closes tightly while opening with the push of a button. Once opened, you are greeted to an area with six elastic slots for makeup and brushes. They vary in size, so you can pop in whatever you need to take with you. I love that the sizes differ, so you can tuck in lip gloss, liners, and what not with your brushes. I popped in a chubby eye liner, LA Splash lipstick, eye primer, lip liner, lip brush, and a blending brush, if you're curious.

The next section has a full magnet sheet so you can securely travel with pan products. The magnet is pretty strng, and items hold well. I popped in quite a few items and still have a bit more room. I do find you can't add pans right to the outer edge, because the edge of the mirror flap needs the space. Even though, I'm impressed at how much space you've got.

As I just mentioned, there is also a mirror. The mirror lays over the area for pans and can stand up (tri-fold style) to act as a hands free mirror for doing your makeup. The mirror is quite large, and is a proper mirror (not mirror-like plastic) so you get a true, clear reflection.

Overall, I can't say enough great things about this case! The hard sides keep your contents secure, and the vegan leather outer is super soft and really chic. The case comes in quite a few colours, but all have the elegant gold detailing. The case is an excellent idea for travel and will make a really thoughtful gift for any beauty user.  What do you think? Could you use this in your life?

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