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Friday, September 25, 2015

Drugstore Lovin' | Marcelle Edition vol. 2

marcelle drugstore lovin vol. 2
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Happy Friday! How can you not love a Friday? To wrap up this fine blog week, I've got a virtual stroll trhough the Marcelele aisle, as I have a few new goodies. For you non-Canadian beauties, Marcelle is a Canadain drugstore brand (sister to Annabelle.) I've got deep love for both brands as they've both bee in my makeup bags from the very start. Plus, I have fond memories of stealing ahem, borrowing my mom's Marcelle products when my own became too limiting. Read on!

Marcelle does makeup and skincare, and is a popular option in both areas because they offer products that are dermatologist tested, hypo-allergenic, and 100% perfume free with gentle formulas that can be used by even the most sensitive skin types. One of the newest skincare additions, is their Ultra Gentle Moisturizing Cream which takes a basic approach to skincare. It instantly moisturizes skin, soothes any sensitivity, and reinforces skin's natural moisture barrier. No outrageous claims, just a great moisturizer for normal to dry skin.

When it's time to say goodbye to a day of makeup, the Instant Eye Makeup Remover is ready. The oil-free, dual-phase formula breaks down pretty much anything you can dish out (even waterproof formulas!) with no oily residue or that trippy, blurred vision thing. It doesn't dry out skin and is great for removing long-wear lip products too. I do find some mascaras need to be soaked for a moment (ahem... Benefit) but this does get it off.

marcelle powder blush an cream blush in pink mademoiselle (1) marcelle powder blush an cream blush in pink mademoiselle (2)

Ah, yeah, blush! Marcelle is one of few drugstore brands that does blush really well. I've yet to be disappointed with any shades from them, and I feel like I've used more than my share. They've recently added four new shades to their Monochromatic Powder Blush (Coral, Raspberry, and Pink Mademoiselle.) I have Pink Mademoiselle, a vivid red-pink with a satin finish. The blush gives a really nice flush to cheeks with a touch of glowy radiance and is the type of shade everyone can rock. It can pack a punch in the pigmentation department, so it's also a great pick for deeper skintones.

If you're more of a cream blush fan, or like to layer it up, the Cream Blush in Pink Mademoiselle is for you. It's the same shade as it's powder counterpart, but is completely matte. The cream is super easy to dab on and blend out and gives a really natural, slightly dewy, finish on skin.

marcelle forever sharp waterproof lip liner coral pink and red, rouge xpression 810 nude pink (2)marcelle forever sharp waterproof lip liner coral pink and red, rouge xpression 810 nude pink (1)

The Marcelle lip range has grown with the addition of the Forever Sharp Waterproof Lipliners. These are seriously long wearing lip liners that last all day (and then some.) Expect to need a remover to get them off. They have a nice formula that is easy to apply (it's not stiff or waxy) and the added instant sharpening action is always a plus. Like the other Forever Sharp liners, these have sharpeners built right into the lid, so the sharpen themselves each time you re-cap them.

The Rouge Xpression Lipstick range has some new shades, with the addition of Nude Pink, Pink Mademoiselle, French Rose, Vivid Coral, Fuchsia Flare, and Rouge en Foile that add some boldness to the existing shades. I was sent a three shades, but only one survived the trip- Nude Pink. Luckily, it's a gorgeous natural pink. The formula is quite hydrating and really great to wear. The finish has some shine and slip that makes it feel more like a balm than a true lipstick on lips.

I'm convinced this fall is the season of the brow, but it's kind of great to see so many options released. Marcelle is in on the game with their new Nano Eyebrow Liners. The super slim liners come complete with spoolies (yay!) and a nicely pigmented formula that's not too waxy or too creamy, but lays down the perfect amount of pigment for a natural looking definition and fill.

Brows are also represented in the Forever Sharp range, with the Forever Sharp Waterproof Eyebrow Liners. The formula is a bit softer and more pigmented than that of the Nano, so a lighter touch is necessary, but it wears impeccably well and is fully waterproof, smudge-proof, and on there all day.

Not to be left out of the automatic sharpening action, liners are represented too. The Forever Sharp Waterproof Kohl Eyeliners are pretty basic, but have the very handy self-sharpening caps. I've been using the shade Blackest Black, and while it feels a little stiff at first, it does apply quite easily and wears very well in the waterline and tight-line.

Overall, some great additions to the Marcelle family. If you're not Canadian (or are and don't feel like having to put on pants to shop) you can order online direct from Marcelle. Tried any of these products? Do you have any brand favourites?

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