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Monday, September 21, 2015

Eyeglassio Carrie Frames | Review

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Happy Monday, blog fans! We're taking a bit of a beauty break today to chat about my gorgeous new glasses. I've worn glasses since I was nine, so they're a pretty integral part of 'me'. Plus, I'm pretty much blind without them, so it's not too often you'll see me without them. Anyone with glasses knows how expensive they can be, so I was all over the opportunity to try a pair of glasses from Eyeglassio. Read on for a closer look!

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Yup, I've gone red. It's a temporary pit-stop in my ever changing hair colour journey. It's not going to be around for too long, but I do kind of feel Little Mermaid-ish with it. Anyway, back to Carrie. The frames I chose just happen to named Carrie. The all black frames have a modernized cat eye shape (which totally gives me Lisa Loeb vibes.) The arms are slim, with a gold chain-link / horse-bit detail near the temples. I would have preferred silver, but what can you do? I absolutely love how these frames look and fit. Even though I have a fairly strong prescription, the frames aren't heavy and sit nicely without sliding down.

The glasses came safely encased in a transparent hard case, which feels really durable and closes well for optimum safety, with a white cleaning cloth. A lot of times I find the free cleaning cloths can be kind of sucky, but this one actually cleans lenses and doesn't just move smudges around.

I absolutely love my glasses, and the Eyeglassio ordering process couldn't be simpler. The ordering process is easily followed, as you input your info step-by-step, which allows you to customize your prescription, type of lenses, tinting, etc. I liked that you're easily able to see what options work with your prescription and what your cost is. I highly suggest Eyeglassio to anyone looking for affordable glasses. They have a pretty wide selection of frames, including sunglasses (prescription and non.) Do you wear glasses? Have you ever ordered them online?

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