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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mary Kay Cityscape for Him & Her

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I'm very certain I've mentioned my love of Fall, but I'll say it again- I love Fall! I also happen to be pretty fond of Autumnal scents as well. Warm scents, spice, woody vanilla... How can you go wrong? Mary Kay has two new limited edition scents (one for him and one for her) with accompanying bath and body accoutrements. Read on for a rundown of the Mary Kay Cityscape fragrance!

"This is your world. Your life. Your story. Take on every new experience with simple sophistication. Introducing the Cityscape™ fragrances, inspired by the beauty of aspirations and undiscovered destinations. In the city, simple sophistication in modern architecture can symbolize the endless connections around us all. Cityscape™ captures the essence of these connections in the glorious architectural maze we call life and celebrates the style of effortless elegance."

Cityscape Eau de Parfum isn't quite a traditional fall scent, but it does transition from summer to cooler weather nicely. The scent has a fruity-floral thing going on with Bergamot, pink pepper, red currant, apricot, and violet leaves as top notes. The initial spray is quite fruity, with apricot being the initial scent I can detect. Violet comes into play before the middle notes of Phantomia orchid ScentTrek, orange flower absolute, peony, Florentine orris bring more floral to the party. I am no floral expert, and can't really detect any of the individual middle notes. As the scent wears, it warms with sandalwood, damson plum, sustainable vanilla beans from Madagascar ORPUR, angelica, amber. The dry-down is quite subtle, with amber and a soft whisp of vanilla being present. I find this has a fairly good throw when first applied, but softens quite a bit and ends up wearing quite close to the skin. I'd appreciate more lasting power, as it fades pretty substantially on me by hour two-three.

That said, layering can boost a scent's staying power, which leads to the co-coordinating Cityscape Silkening Shower Gel and Silkening Dry OIl Mist. The shower gel has a hydrating formula that leaves skin feeling softer and as the name implies silky, with a lasting hint of the Cityscape scent. My favourite item is the dry oil. Not only do you get a more intense scent, but the formula is especially nice, The light oil mists easily onto skin and leaves it soft and hydrated but not oily feeling.

The boys weren't forgotten, as the Cityscape Cologne Spray co-ordinates with the women's eau de parfum, but with a masculine bend. The scent has an overall clean vibe, but with a slight warm aquatic element. It opens with top notes of Italian bergamot, French lavender, pepper. The lavender is unexpected, but gives an interesting softness to the warmer notes that begin to develop as the scent wears. The middle brings geranium oil Egypt ORPUR, orange flower, whiskey barrel accord. Orange flower is detectable, but to my nose, I was unable to detect the other notes clearly before the base takes over. The base warms the scent considerably, with Cedarwood, sandalwood, patchouli oil Indonesia ORPUR®, vetiver, amber, Mediterranean rockrose adding a touch of muskiness and an overall masculine feel.

The boys get one co-coordinating product, but it's a one-and done Hair & Body Wash. The formula is designed to be deep cleaning, but balanced to leave skin comfortable and hair manageable. As May Kay puts it "A great way to recharge and get back to conquering the world."

Overall, this is a nice scent. I give MK bonus points for such understated, modern packaging. The weighty glass bottles have a structural outer border that really ties into the whole modern-chic city vibe. It's not the type of scent I'd personally reach for, but I like where it's going. That said, I am quite fond of the dry oil. The scent is more blended (with individual notes being harder to detect) and just feels so great on skin. What do you look for in a Fall scent? Do you like co-ordinating his and hers scents?

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