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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Treat Yo' Self PMS Survival

treat yo self PMS survival (2)
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Who loves their period? Hands in the air everywhere, right? Yeah, not so much. While the topic seems a bit TMI, it's a very real part of life that as women, we've all dealt with. Since PMS can be, well, pretty sucky (at best) but why suffer when you can treat yo' self? Okay, you'll probably still suffer a bit, but pop some ibuprofen and get some chocolate in you, and it should all work out with limited casualties. I mean, it's not like you want to be Batman or anything... Read on for a few choice skincare picks for treating your pre-menstrual syndrome suffering self!

treat yo self PMS survival vichy idealia skin sleep recovery mask

I find that when it's my extra special time of the month, I'm a bit zombie like. I'm tired and sluggish, and although all I want to do is sleep, I just don't sleep well. To combat oh-so-sexy dull, tired skin look (you know the one) Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep can help fake it till' you make it. The gel-balm textured moisture mask has ingredients that stimulate the skin's deep sleep mechanisms to recreate their effects. Basically, when you are in a deep sleep, your skin repairs itself, so when you don't get that deep sleep (or enough of it) your skin doesn't go through that process. The cream is not only hydrating and really enjoyable to use - it has the same wondrous scent as the Idealia Life Serum I love so much- but it does give skin a perked up, healthy radiance the next morning.

That time (we'll just call it that) can be an emotional one. A notebook can be a great way to get it all out, plot your revenge (or house your kill list if someone really crosses you) and of course, jot down shopping lists (obviously more of the adore-mentioned ibuprofen and chocolate.) I'm a little bit obsessed with my Daily Dishonesty 'I'm Over It' Journal as it's cute, fully lined, and has typography pages thrown into the mix with witty and humorous quips.

treat yo self PMS survival fresh rose hydrating eye gel cream skyin iceland hydro gel firming eye gels

The Fresh Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream really isn't going to make PMS much easier, but sometimes you've just got to treat yourself for the sake of it. This light gel-cream has a fresh and natural rose scent (nothing obnoxious) and a cooling feel that is soothing and instantly hydrating. Formulated with rosewater, rose oil, cucumber extract, and hylauronic acid, it gives tired eyes a boost the natural way.

To really give tired eyes the one-two punch, and to add a bit of a luxe feel to the dreaded morning routine (there is little worse than having to get up and be a productive human when shedding your ovarian lining) the Skyn Iceland Hydro Gel Firming Eye Gels do the trick. The innovative gels are unlike your average eye mask, as they're dry to the touch on the surface and have all of their essence on the back. They stick directly onto your skin and stay there perfectly without sliding around. Wearing them for ten minutes provides a hydrating, firming and de-puffing experience like no other product I've used.

treat yo self PMS survival arbonne intelligence lip treatment antipodes aura manuka honey mask

The Arbonne Advanced Intelligence Lip Treatment is another product that won't soothe your bitchy uterus, but who can deny themselves a little lip balm? Actually, this isn't a lip balm at all, but a moisturizing cream that instantly sinks into skin leaving them feeling super silky and hydrated. It smooths lip texture and reduces the look of lip lines, which also makes it a great lip primer for under lipstick (it's especially great under liquid lipstick.) I also happen to love the soft raspberry scent.

Wrapping up with one last treat for a no effort required spa-like facial. Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask does a little bit of everything in one go- it's cleansing, it's moisturizing, and it's an anti-oxidizing treatment. The soothing honey-vanilla and herbal scent is really nice and adds to the experience, plus the deep clean feel is gentle and not stripping thanks to the mauka honey. Manuka honey draws moisture to skin for an intensely hydrating effect. Even better, fifteen minutes is all you need and it washes off easily.

Have you tried any of these products? Do you have any tried and true items you reach for to survive that time?

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