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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

LA Splash Liquid Lipsticks | Rose Garden, Medusa, Phantom, Vindictive & Deadly Nightshade

la splash liquid lipsticks
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Who loves colour?! Wait, I think I may have started a recent post with that exact statement, but when it comes to LA Splash liquid lipsticks you kind of need to love colour. Since my last post (this one) I've gotten a few more shades. Want a closer look? Read on!

LA Splash liquid Lipsticks (2)

As mentioned, I recently reviewed a few shades of the LA Splash liquid lipsticks in this post, so I don't have a whole lot more to add. Wait, that's not true, I do. While the wear time is exceptional, I did find that with some of the bolder, unnatural shades (like Deadly Nightshade and Vindictive) show wear in the inner part of lips faster. I think it's more noticeable with the deeper/bolder shades than the neutrals as there is more contrast compared to your natural lip shade. It's nothing a quick touch-up can't fix, but should be mentioned. I find the bald spot starts to show around hour three. 

Other news, some of the shades have had name changes. Shades in the Smitten Liptint Mousse (which had Harry Potter inspired names) and Studio Shine Waterproof Lip Lustre (which had Disney princess names) have been changed due to trademark and licensing issues. I was looking for a specific shade last week and was thoroughly confused as to why I couldn't find it. Turns out that is why. The shades haven't changed though, just the names. I've included the old names for reference and the shades from my previous post.

LA Splash swatches Rose Garden, Ghoulish, Lovegood Lovestruck, and Nymph-Adora Nymphaea

LA Splash swatches Evil Queen Medusa, Phantom, Vindictive, Sirius Deadly Nightshade

LA Splash Lip Couture Rose Garden

Rose Garden is a neutral rosy pink with a slight dustiness. It's a great everyday type pink and is quite pretty. One of the few shades I have today that can be classes as 'everyday'.

LA Splash Studio Shine Lip Lustre Evil Queen Medusa

Medusa is a deep, vampy, plummy-red. The Studio Shine Waterproof Lip Lustre range has shimmer, with Medusa having purple and red shimmer throughout. The shimmer is light, but does add a bit of dimension to the shade.  I found this shade was a little patchy, so thin coats are the best way to apply it. I realized that thick coats take too long to dry, and often end up flaking during wear. Be patient, and go in layers. I found I needed three to get the depth and even colour.

LA Splash Lip Couture Phantom (1)

Phantom is a terrible shade to try and capture correctly in photos... ugh. The shade is a truly unique blue based violet that all purple lip fans need. The shade isn't quite right in my swatches as it's a bit more purple in person.

LA Splash Lip Couture Vindictive

Vindictive is a grey-blue-teal shade. I wasn't sure what I though of this shade, but it's oddly beautiful.

LA Splash Smitten Liptint Mousse Sirius Deadly Nightshade

Deadly Nightshade is a deep, teal kissed navy with the finest blue shimmer. I didn't think I'd be brave enough to sport this outside of my house, but you know what? I love it and I'll wear this when ever the mood strikes.

LA Splash Collage Rose Garden, Ghoulish, Lovegood Lovestruck, Nymph-adora Nymphaea, Evil Queen Medusa, Phantom, Vindictive, and Sirius Deadly Nightshade copy

Overall, I'm still a huge fan of LA Splash liquid lipsticks! I found it's best to apply the deeper/bolder shades with a lip brush to get the cleanest lines, bit other than that, these all apply pretty well.

One last note, if you're a Canadian shopper, be sure to shop on to get the correct shipping price. The US site ships to Canada, but charges more and adds duty to your order. No need paying duties when you could be buying what you really want: more makeup! Have you tried these? Are you a fan of liquid lipsticks?

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