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Friday, October 23, 2015

Yves Rocher #SpeakingColours | Gel Effect & Botanical Colour Nail Polish

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I've made it no secret that I love nail polish, so you can imagine how excited I was to dive into a pile of the new shade selection from Yves Rocher. Over the summer they reformulated and repackaged their polish and have recently added a ton of new shades and nail essentials (think top coats, base coats and the like.) Between the two formulas- the Gel Effect and Botanical Colour- there are over 50 shades, meaning there should be something for every polish lover. Read on for a sampling of a few shades.

First up, a few of the Gel Effect Nail Polishes. The range is on the small side, with just ten shades, but the formula is pretty great. Out of the four I've tried, I found the wear to be better than a basic polish (which is saying a lot because everything chips quickly on me) and gives incredible shine even with no topcoat.

Radiant Beige is a milky pink-beige. This shade is a sheer, but it can be built up to a pretty opaque finish with four coats. Normally, I dislike polishes that require so many coats, but the formula is so easy to work with, that it really isn't an issue. There is no streaking or unevenness with this shade, and the Gel Effect formula gives it a super glossy and durable feeling finish.

Blood Orange is a vivid, juicy red-orange with a crelly like appearance. It's got a squishy look and is ridiculously shiny and fully opaque in two coats.

Exquisite Burgundy is a vampy, deep burgundy-red cream. This shade is perfect for fall and almost a one coater. Two coats.

Dark Eggplant is just that, a deep eggplanty purple cream. The shade is deep, but not blackened and impecable in terms of application and pigmentation. A one coat wonder for sure!

Moving on to the Botanical Colour Nail Polish...

Brown might not have the most inspired name, but is just that- a deep, chocolate brown cream.Super pigmented, easy application. Two coats. Get ready to read that a lot. Almost every shade applied without issue and with two coats. While the amount of shades made for a longer swatching session, it was super easy and hassle free.

Mahoganyis a warm, red-based brown cream that applied like a dream in two easy coats. I'm not usually into brown polish, but I've worn this and kind of love how it looks.

Pearly Wood is a surprisingly gorgeous mousey-taupe with a smattering of pink-silver micro shimmer. The shimmer is soft, but adds such a pretty glow to this shade. Two coats.

Artemisia Grey is a deep, blue based grey cream with very hidden silver-blue shimmer. I would love if the shimmer popped more but what can you do? Two coats.

Sparkling Silver is made up of fine silver shimmer with larger holographic silver hexes in a clear base. There is a lot of shimmer to base, so one coat over another shade is perfect. The shimmer/glitter distributes easily and doesn't require any special treatment when applying. One coat over Artemisia Grey.

Agave Green is an olive meets khaki green cream. It's a bit dusty and generally just perfect if you're into slightly ugly-pretty types of shades. Two easy coats.

Eucalyptus is a medium depth green-teal cream. It's a stunner and a one coater!

Heavenly Blue is a deep royal blue. It's deep, but vivid and perfect for fans of jewel tones. It's so close to being a one coater, but I needed two for even coverage.

Violet Blue is a deep, blackened blue that is so sexy. You need this shade. Not only is it pure perfection, but it's almost a one coater. It's one of the easiest deep shades I've ever used. Two coats.

Iris is a deep, indigo that leans more purple or blue depending on the lighting. It's another gorgeous shade- can you tell I love a glossy cream shade?- with an easy formula. Two coats.

Fig is a medium depth, dusty grape cream. Super pretty! Two coats.

Melon is a soft orange cream that totally makes me think of creamsicles. It lacks the pink undertone to make it a true peach, but does dip it's toes into peachy territory. Three coats as it did apply a bit unevenly.

Sparkling Gold is made up of shall golden glitter and larger silver holo hexes. This shade has the same easy application as Sparkling Silver. One coat over Melon. 

Overall, these are some really great polishes. I am a big fan of glossy cream shades, and these deliver gorgeous shades and a formula that applies beautifully. I like the smaller bottle size too, as you can hoard collect a bunch without feeling too terrible about it (even if you already have a few hundred bottles...) For smaller bottles, these still have a really great brush. The brushes are the flatter/wider style, but they're not too big and don't flood nails. The wide flat style makes polishing much easier f you're not super steady, and helps keep things cleaner when applying on your non-dominant hand. All in all, a helpful brush shape. What do you think of these shades? Anything you love?

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