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Friday, November 20, 2015

Mustache Lovin' With Cricket

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For the past few years now, November has become synonymous with Movember, wherein men grow mustaches to raise awareness for men's health causes. You've heard of it. Cricket (makers of grooming and salon tools) want everyone to be in on the mustache mayhem (not just the boys) and have a few bits to do just that. Read on for more info!

The Cricket Coed Personal Trimmer can be used by anyone, as the coed name suggests, but you're not going to want to share it. I'm a big fan of trimmers like this because you can use them for just about anything. The small razor edge can be used to remove peach fuzz from the face, clean up around eyebrows and temples, the bikini zone, and really any hair you don't want. Pop on the small guard and you can use the trimmer to take excess length off brows (always remember the guard though!) This trimmer includes a larger guard that will be useful for guys trimming beards and mustaches or if you're grooming any areas with more hair.

The small but mighty trimmer runs on one AAA battery (which is included) and comes with a little brush for keeping it clean. The compact size is easy to maneuver in small areas- like the face- and stashes away easily in a makeup bag or drawer. I've had a similar trimmer for years and I love how easy it is to buzz away unwanted hair.

movember mustache lovin cricket i mustache you to makeup sponges (1)movember mustache lovin cricket i mustache you to makeup sponges (2)

If a mustache theme is what you're after the 'I Mustache You to Makeup' Sponges are going to be your jam. The hot pink sponges are the cutest mustache shape and are perfect for apply makeup to small areas. These are smaller than I expected, but they do work really well for applying concealer under the eyes and have a great texture. They give a flawless finish, and when damped, don't suck up your product. 

I love the trimmer, and am quite pleased with how well the sponges apply product. Plus, they're pretty cute, so that's an added plus. Are you a mustache lover? Do you need either of these items in your life?

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