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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Nothing but Nails with Formula X

Nothing but Nails with Formula X::: press sample / affiliate links :::

I seem to have zero attention span today. I set out to finish this post at seven-thirty this morning.... Let's just say a few hours have past since then. I'm here now (for the moment, cross your fingers that nothing else distracts me) so let's get to a gaggle of Formula X bits. Some are from Fall launches and some are Holiday, but they're all kind of amazing. I'm seriously starting to love Formula X. That said, I'm not loving how fast things are disappearing. I've found a few of these items are sold out online (thanks to the sale, I'm guessing) so it might take an in store visit to find them.

Formula XThe Fix 5-in-1 Nail TreatmentFormula X The Fix 5-in-1 Nail Treatment

Much like a good mani, treatments and bases come first, so it makes sense to start there. Okay, I've got a top coat in this bunch too, but you get the idea. Formula X is more than just nail colour, and has a pretty vast range nail care items including Colour Plus Protecting Top Coat, The Fix 5-in-1 Nail Treatment, and Quench Cuticle Oil.

  • Colour Plus Protecting Top Coat is a high shine, protecting top coat that boosts polish vibrancy and seals polish while protecting it from fading. It also makes polish glow under black light, although I haven't tested that claim. The top coat is a great consistency, flows well over polish, and dries pretty quickly. The finish is very glossy, smooth and even, with a durable feel.
  • The Fix 5-in-1 Nail Treatment is a bit of a mystery, as I don't have any press info for it and I can't find it online, but it does give nails a boost. The sheer pink treatment has a soft blue/purple pearl that gives nails a healthy glow and shine. The treatment works to brighten, strengthen, correct, protect, and smooth nails really does give them a perfected look and feel. I have no idea when this will be available though... 
  • Quench Cuticle Oil is a cuticle oil that combines cottonseed, apricot kernel, sweet almond, grapeseed, safflower oil and vitamin E to moisturize nails and cuticles. The brush on oil is easily applied and has an incredible almond scent. The oil takes a moment to absorb, but does so pretty cleanly without a heavy oily feel/film.

Formula X AcclaimedFormula X Effects Nail Colour in Acclaimed

Acclaimed is a creamy nude-beige cream from the limited edition The Cut Fall 2015 Collection. The formula is superb- very smooth, intensely pigmented, and really just so easy to work with. I used two coats for total depth of colour, but one is almost all you need.

Formula X Clix! The Look duos combine a base shade with a complementary effect top coat. The duo I have combines Impeccable (blush nude cream) and Hyperactive (prismatic flakie.) Impeccable has a great formula, but I did find Hyperactive to be thick and applied unevenly. It did level as it dried, but it definitely needed top coat to look it's best.

Alchemy II is a stunning rose kissed gold polish with a glowing micro-glitter base. The ultra fine shimmer not only give the gold base a range of rainbow colour, but it's also infused with pure platinum (fancy!) The shade is seriously special, and makes your nails look they were dipped in liquid metal. It also has an easy formula that looks almost perfect on the first coat. I used two because... it's just what you do. Don't wait if you wan this one (and you totally do) as it is limited edition.

Serenity one of five polishes from The Black Quartz Collection. Inspired by black quartz, the shade combines purple glitter and a black matte base for a look that gives the effect of crushed crystals suspended in space. The effect is very pretty, with a slight texture, making the look quite unique. Application was pretty easy, as two coats gave full coverage and depth although it is best to let the first coat dry well before adding the next to let the effect develop. This collection also has red, blue, orange and pink variations.

Formula X Bottle Service (3)Formula X Bottle Service (1) Formula X Bottle Service (2)

Last up, one of the cutest polish gift sets I've ever seen... The Bottle Service Set has the look of a champagne bottle, but instead of bubbly inside, you get ten mini bottles of Formula X. Five of the shades are new with the others being pre-releases. I found the minis all applied quite well, as the brushes aren't too tiny and are decent quality (save for one that was poorly cut.)

The shades included are X ❤ Rouge (red cream), Glitz (gold glitter, swatched over Uncorked), Dark Matter (black cream), Luxe (pearl shimmer, swatched over Thrilling),Spiked (medium nude-brown cream), Uncorked (pearly metallic gold), Ignite (berry-red crelly), Thrilling (lavender-putty cream), Intensity (pale pink cream), and On the Rocks (deep brown with fine golden shimmer.)

Overall, some really great products from Formula X. The Bottle Service Set makes a really great gift, while Alchemy II is just too stunning not to want, but I'm honestly into everything I've tried from the brand thus far. What do you think? Are you into any of these products? Will you be gifting any Formula X this year?

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