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Monday, November 16, 2015

Onecklace Personalized Jewelry | Name Necklace & Monogram Earrings

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I've mentioned my love of all things personalized before, but I really do get giddy when my name is on something. While my name isn't uncommon now, it kind of was from 1985 through to whenever Party of Five hit it's peak popularity in the 90's. Granted, fans of WKRP in Cincinnati might say otherwise. Shout-out to Jan Smithers' character Bailey Quarters from whom I got the name. Anyway, my name was never on anything growing up, as badly as I wished it was every time I saw a stand of the cheap, yet alluring personalized bits. My adult self still loves a bit of personalization, for which I've got Onecklace. Nothing cheap from them, but they do offer a wide selection of sterling silver and gold jewelry that is totally customizable. Read on for a closer look a my new (and glorious!) personalized pieces.

I've wanted a name necklace for as long as I can remember, so choosing the Handwriting Name Necklace was a no brainer. The sterling silver is perfect for me, as I tend to wear the most silver/white gold, but should you be a yellow gold fan, 24k plated sterling silver is also an option. Onecklace offers a few different font options for their name necklaces, and some with flourishes, charms, and stones. I wanted something simple, and the Handwriting design is just that. I love the look, and at 18 inches it's the perfect length for me. The necklace is well made, but light, comfortable to wear, and totally cute!

Obviously, you can chose your name or word, but you also have the option of which style of chain (rolo or box) and the length you want. I love that they give you so many options, meaning your piece is truly custom. 

Onecklace is more than just necklaces, and also has a selection of customizable rings, bracelets, and earrings. I love earrings. I hoard collect earrings and thought it could be nice to have a set of Monogram Earrings to go with my Oneckalce Monogram Necklace. How cute are they?! I am completely smitten with these earrings! The rounded monogram design looks like a curly flourish of sorts when you give it a quick glance, but closer inspection shows my initials. The studs are a nice medium size and pair perfectly with my monogram necklace.

I'm thrilled with my new Onecklace pieces! The quality is excellent and the designs are impeccably executed. Anything from Onecklace would make a great gift, as not only are you giving adorable personalized jewelery, but it also comes very nicely boxed and complete with a gift bag should you hate having to wrap. Even better, Onecklace offers free shipping, orders that ship within 24 hours of placement, and 60 days for returns and refunds. Win-win all around! What do you think? Are you into personalized jewelery?

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