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Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Dry Clean | Dry Shampoo from Joico, Marc Anthony, Delectable & Elizabeth and James

the dry clean dry shampoo wardrobe
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I love dry shampoo! I admit that I was iffy about it when it first started hitting drugstores and became a staple product. Nay-sayers will ask 'why not just wash your hair?', a valid question, but when you really just need a pick me up on second day hair, why not just go dry? It's quick, easy, and effective. Plus, it's a great way to extend your hair colour, since less washing means you can keep your bold hues fresh longer. There are a ton of options available, and I'm on a mission to try as many as possible. As a good blogger does. I've tested my way through many a can, but today, have three new-to-me varieties and an old stand by (for good measure.) Ready to do dry? Read on!

If you prefer products that are award winning, look no further than Joico Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo. It was recently named Elle Canada's Grand Prix winner in the Best Dry Shampoo Under $20 category. Personally, I don't like to spend more than $20-25 on a dry shampoo, so I do love that this is a salon formula without the salon price.

When it comes to the actual shampoo, it is pretty great, if it's a clean, silky feel you're after. If you use dry shampoo for added volume and texture, this might not do it for you. The formula seems to be liquid based, as it lacks any powdery feel, and does feel wet if you spray too much or from too close a distance. The upside is that there is zero white cast, and no weird texture. I like that this is completely invisible, and that it leaves my hair feeling super soft and silky but I kind of miss the texture. That said, the silkiness is very appealing, and the fresh scent is light, but really nice. It's not quite floral, and kind of nondescript, but does give hair a freshness. 

the dry clean elizabeth and james nirvana vlack and white dry shampoo

If it's designer dry shampoo you prefer, I've an option for you too. I've got something for everyone (yay, me!) The Elizabeth and James Nirvana range has been expanding and now includes a Black and White Dry Shampoo. Each dry shampoo is scented with the corresponding Nirvana scent to not only cleanse hair but also infuse it with fragrance.

Nirvana White (my pick of the two) blends peony, muget, and musk, while Nirvana Black is scented with violet, sandalwood, and vanilla. I love the Nirvana scents but wasn't sure about them in dry shampoo, but the formula is pretty great. The shampoo doesn't leave a cast on hair and applies in a fine spray. I've found I don't need to use a ton to absorb oil at my roots and that the amount of scent is perfect. I get a bit of fragrance, but for the most part it stays in my hair, meaning it doesn't overpower if you're wearing a different scent on your person. The scent also lingers, so you get a fresh whiff if you brush your hair or let it out of a pony tail. Unlike Joico, this does give hair some texture and oomph in the volume department (which I love, especially on second day hair) but doesn't leave hair stiff or oddly textured.

the dry clean delectable dry shampoo coconut marc anthony 2nd day clear dry shampoo

So far, we've covered award winners and designer options, so it's only fitting to include a bit of drugstore. I'm a long time-fan of Cake Beauty, and as such can't help but try new bits from their sister brand Be Delectable. While shopping one of their other new releases, I spotted their Dry Shampoo & Body Powder. Never being one to pass up a dry shampoo, I jumped on the Coconut & Cream scent (Lemon, Strawberry, and Vanilla & Cream are also available.)

The cornstarch based powder is invisible on the body, but does leave a white cast on dark hair. It lessens as it absorbs, and brushes out pretty well, but a heavy hand can leave some dustiness. Anyway, the gorgeously scented powder makes for a great dry shampoo when you know you're going to want refreshed roots the next morning. I like to use this the night before so it can fully absorb and do it's thing overnight and lessen the chance of any powdery look. As I wash my hair as little as possible to keep the colour, I like having a chemical free option. Plus, this does double duty as body powder which is a great way to keep fresh and dry in warmer months.

As for the Marc Anthony 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo... It's my main man. I've bought countless cans and will keep buying it. I usually pick up three at a time so I am never without it. It's a lightweight formula that is truly clear on all hair. It's pretty much scent free, but refreshes hair and absorbs oil really well. It's inexpensive, so I don't feel bad about using a lot if need be, and it's easy to find almost everywhere shampoo is sold. If they ever stop making this I will legit cry.

the dry clean breakups to makeup holiday bag gold

Okay, it's not dry shampoo related, but you likely spied this gorgeous Breakups to Makeup Holiday Bag in my photos. The Sephora exclusive holiday versions come in two varieties (black and off-white) with super cute rose gold detailing. The bags are made of really supple, quality feeling vegan leather and feature an extra special heart print interior. Basically, it's all kinds of cute and you want it. Both styles are back in stock (as of writing this) so act now before they disappear again.

To wrap up on the dry shampoo though, these are all great options. I'm really impressed with the Elizabeth and James formula, plus the scented aspect is a nice perk. Are you a dry shampoo fan? Tried any of these? What's your favourite brand?

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