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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Yves Rocher Holiday 2015 | Bath & Body

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I look forward to the Yves Rocher holiday offerings every year because they never seem to disappoint. They always offer up an assortment of bath and body items in delicious scents, and really, who doesn't love a tasty scent? There is no shortage of gourmand scents this year with Spicy Vanilla, Candied Orange & Almond, Candied Orange & Cinnamon, and Apple Delight, meaning there is something for just about everyone. Want a scent rundown? Read on!

Oh, vanilla.... I don't think I've ever met a vanilla I didn't love, but the Spicy Vanilla offerings this year are extra exceptional. I should note, any of the products (shower gel, hand soap, lip balm) are available in all the scents, so you can mix and match beyond what I'm showing. Pretty great right?

I happen to have the Shower & Bath Gel, Shimmering Body Lotion, and Bath Oil in the Spicy Vanilla scent. The scent is a mild blend of warm spice and woody vanilla that is so nice. This is a great scent if you're not a fan of sweet gourmands. The shower gel works double duty for the shower or as a bubble bath and is formulated with organic cornflower water to cleanse and nourish skin. The lotion leaves skin not only delicately scented, but also with a fine golden shimmer. For bath fans, the bath oil adds a a luxurious scent and hydrating silkiness to skin.

yves rocher holiday 2015 bath and body candied orange and almond

Citrus isn't always my favourite scent family, but the Candied Orange & Almond scent is an interesting twist on your average orange scent. The candied orange note is super realistic, with a fresh, sweet orange zing and an accompanying creamy almond note. This scent is a little bit sweet, but the orange keeps if from being over done.

Of the products available in this scent, I have the Exfoliating Bubble bath, Hand Cream, and Nourishing Lip Balm. The bubble bath is a bit different, as it's formulated with coconut and apricot kernel powder to exfoliate and cleanse. The hand cream has a rich but non greasy feel and a nice dose of the Candied Orange & Almond Scent. The tube also happens to be the perfect purse size too. Also great for in your bag, is the lip balm. You get a hydrating formula (enriched with sweet almond oil and shea butter) and that same great scent (obviously.)

yves rocher holiday 2015 bath and body candied orange and cinnamon hand soap

I'm a big fan of Yves Rocher hand soap (I might have ordered a few more scents already...) and can add the Candied Orange & Cinnamon scent as a fast favourite. The scent combined fresh and sweet orange with a spicy hit of cinnamon. The scent is totally festive and the formula is hand friendly, leaving them clean but not stripped.

yves rocher holiday 2015 bath and body apple delight

Last but not least, a little Apple Delight. The Apple Delight scent is a blend of fresh, but mellow apple and soft, warm vanilla. The sweet but warm scent is super cozy, and makes for a perfect candle scent. The Apple Delight Candle comes clad in a cute gold glass cup. The scent isn't overpowering, and has a light throw, but is great for a smaller room. In my experience the Yves Rocher candles burn really well, and stay lit right to the last little bit is left. You can also wear the Apple Delight scent in eau de toilette form, which has the same sweet-warm scent. The scent is light and not the longest lasting, but a nice option for those sensitive to fragrance.

Overall, another year of great options from Yves Rocher! I'll have the makeup and nail portion of their holiday collection coming up soon, so be sure to check back (Friday, I think...). What do you think? Do any of these scents appeal to you?

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