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Friday, November 27, 2015

Yves Rocher Holiday 2015 | Makeup & Nails

Yves Rocher Holiday 2015 (11)
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I know it's only November and I still have the bulk of winter before me, but I am missing the sun already. It gets dark at like 4 o'clock, plus this week has been nothing but dull and dreary. How is a girl supposed to get blog photos done? It's rough, I tell you. You can only get so far with desk lamps, daylight bulbs, and overhead lighting. Complaints over. Time for part two of the Yves Rocher Holiday offerings, featuring some limited edition makeup and nail bits. Lots of nail bits actually... Read on for a look!

The holiday season calls for a bit of shimmer (and glitter, we'll get to that in a moment.) The new limited edition shades of Yves Rocher Eye Crayons bring shimmer and sheen in four pretty shades. Pink Champagne is a peachy champagne frost, Frosted Blue is a icy blue frost, and Frosted Green is a minty green frost. The Frosted shades all have shimmer, while Antique Purple, a dusty plum, has a golden metallic sheen. The super creamy pencils almost set fully (they're not budge proof, but stay on well) work nicely all over the lid (I like them best as a base) or as liner for a pop of colour.

Holiday lips tend to go red or berry hued, and the new shade of Yves Rocher Radiant Lip Crayon is just that. Shimmering Purple is a raspberry pink-red with very light shimmer throughout. The shimmer is quite hidden, so no worries if you don't love shimmer. The formula is creamy and hydrating and as such this wears like a balm as opposed to a true lipstick and does wear away faster (it lasts about 2-3 hours.)

Remember I said we'd get to the glitter? We're here (or there...?) with actual glitter. The Loose Glitter for Nails in Champagne Rose ( a soft gold) comes in a tiny bottle that you simply shake on over top coat. I was impressed at how neat the application process actually was- I was expecting glitter would get EVERYWHERE- but it wasn't too bad. You don't have a whole lot of control as to where it goes though, unless you get creative with your top coat application, but I liked the sporadic look this created. A layer of top coat once the glitter is on smooths everything out and ensures full adhesion.

Yves Rocher Holiday 2015 Silver Glitter For Nails (1)Yves Rocher Silver Glitter Top Coat (over Yves Rocher Frosted Pink Botanical Nail Colour)

More glitter? Can do! The Silver Glitter Top Coat is a whole lot of shimmering, holo, and silver glitter in a clear base. I still don't have my glitter photography skills down, so this isn't as impressive looking as it is in real life. You'll just have to trust me. One coat gives a whole lot of glimmer and is easily applied (no dabbing or placing required.)

Even more glitter? Well, kind of. This batch of glitter infused shades isn't as in your face, but there is a bit of shimmer in the mix. The limited edition Botanical Nail Colour Holiday Collection features three shades that look like your basic shimmer/glitters in the bottle, but are actually textured shades.

Frosted Pink Champagne is a soft peachy-nude with silver shimmer and glitter throughout. The glitter pops the most in this shade and give a sugary effect. This shade was also a bit thinner and needed three coats. Frosted Blue (pale, clean blue) and Frosted green (minty green) have less visible shimmer nut only require two coats.

The remainder of the shades lack texture, but do have their own appeal...

Okay, I lied. Pearly Pink Champagne might not be the most popular shade. The soft, beige-peach frost is brush-stroke laden and reminiscent of an era gone by (aka the 80's.) While I don't love the look, the formula was pretty great and applied in two coats.

Pearly Purple isn't purple (like, at all...) but is a plummy-red with an glowing shimmer. The shade is typical of the season, but the effect on nails is undeniably pretty. Two coats.

Pearly Midnight Blue is a deep, inky blue with that same glowing shimmer. Brushstrokes do show a little bit, but I can overlook them, since they're not as visible in person and this shade glows so nicely on the nail. Two coats.

Pearly Charcoal Grey is a deep, well, charcaol grey with a metallic sheen and shimmer. The shimmer pops in the light and gives this (can you guess?) a glow. Light brushstrokes are visible, but aren't too bad if you apply carefully. Two coats.

Overall, so great newness from Yves Rocher! I'm really liking the textured polishes (especially Frosted Pink Champagne) but you really can't miss with anything... Okay, you're probably going to skip Pearly Pink Champagne. Otherwise, some great items. What do you think? Like anything?

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