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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Winter Wonderland with Mary Kay | Holiday 2015

Mary Kay Holiday 2015 (3)::: press sample :::

if you thought these giftables from Mary Kay were all that they had up for offer this year, you thought wrong. I thought that was it, but got a second shipment of holiday goods. Yay! This batch has some great bits to gift and keep, because really, nobody knows what you want better than you. Read on for a rundown!

Mary Kay Holiday 2015 Mint Bliss™ Energizing Lotion for Feet & Legs

Tired legs and dry feel get pampered with the Mint Bliss Energizing Lotion for Feet & Legs. The minty lotion both hydrates and refreshes skin for a nice bit of me time. As an extra added bonus, each purchase of the lotion gets you a pair of super soft and cozy fuzzy socks. The low cut style is perfect for slipping on over moisturizer at night while being warm and comfy.

Mary Kay Holiday 2015 Limited Edition Skinvigorate Cleansing  Brush
Mary Kay Limited Edition Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush $50 USD / $60 CAD | Mary Kay Cleansing Brush Travel Bag $5 (with purchase)

As they say, put your best face forward. Get your best face with a little help from the Limited Edition Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush. I've reviewed this brush in the past (here) but this limited edition version boasts a pop of bold colour with a purple body and green accents. The brush is a great little gadget, made even better by the fact that it comes with a replacement head and it's own batteries. As an added bonus, each purchase of a Skinvigorate Cleaning Brush can be made even better with the Brush Travel Bag for a mere $5. The bag is perfect size for storing the brush and has a little inner compartment to stash your extra brush head.

Mary Kay Holiday 2015 Mineral Eye Colour Quad Chai Latte and Black IceMary Kay Holiday 2015 Mineral Eye Colour Quad Chai Latte and Black Ice.png

Moving into makeup, are two new Mineral Eye Colour Quads. I loved the first palettes (these ones) so I was excited to see the new shades- Chai Latte and Black Ice. Chai Latte combines neutral shades with satin, frost, and semi-matte finishes, while Black Ice brings shimmering metallics that are perfect for a sultry smokey eye. These little palettes boast excellent pigmentation and are perfectly blendable.

Mary Kay Holiday 2015 Limited-edition Sheer Dimensions Powder in Pearls and Lace (1)Mary Kay Holiday 2015 Limited-edition Sheer Dimensions Powder in Pearls and Lace (2)

The holidays call for a bit of shimmer and glow, and glow is what you get with the Sheer Dimensions Powders. Clad in domed compacts, the powders have intricate raised patterns that match their namesake. They're almost too cute to use. Almost. Pearls is a pearlescent pink that gives skin an ethereal glow, while Lace is a peachy shade with a golden glow. Both shades have a fair bit of pigment, with Lace making a great radiant blush. I'd stick to using Pearls as a highlight as it really packs a glowy punch. The powders are very smooth, pigmented, and easy to blend. They also lack any shimmer or glitter particles, meaning you'll look like a radiant goddess and not a glitter crazed teen.

Overall, I'm totally feeling this batch of Mary Kay offerings. I'm super pleased to see new shades in the Mineral Quad range and the powders, well who doesn't love a radian blush and highlight? What do you think, are you into any of these items?

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